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Haofeng Xu

Haofeng Xu is a screenwriter, film director and film editor. more »

Haolun Shu

Haolun Shu is a film director, screenwriter and film editor. more »

Haqi Ali

Haqi Ali is an actor. more »

Hara Patnaik

Hara Pattanaik is an Oriya film actor, director and screenplay writer. He was born the city of... more »

Harald Bergmann

Harald Bergmann is a film director, screenwriter, film producer, film editor and cinematographer. more »

Harald Hamrell

Harald Hamrell is a television director, screenwriter and actor. more »

Harald Holstein

Harald Hostein is a film producer, director, editor, screenwriter and actor. more »

Harald Hund

Harald Hund is a film director and film editor. more »

Harald Reinl

Harald Reinl was an Austrian film director. He is especially known for the movies he made based... more »

Haraldur Sigurjónsson

Haraldur Sigurjónsson is a film director, producer, editor, screenwriter and cinematographer. more »

Hareendra Samarasekera

Hareendra Samarasekera is a film editor. more »

Hari Das

Hari Das is a screenwriter, actor, film editor, producer and director. more »

Hari Nandamuri

Hari Nandamuri is a film editor. more »

Hari Shankar

Hari Shankar is a film editor, director, producer, screenwriter and an actor. more »

Harihara Puthran

Harihara Puthran is a film editor. more »

Haris Čizmić

Haris Čizmić is a Bosnian American artist, musician, video producer and graphic, industrial and... more »

Harish Choudhary

Harish Choudhary is a film editor. more »

Harley Toberman

Harley Toberman is a film director and film producer. more »

Harmon Jones

Harmon Jones was a film and television editor and director who worked for many years at 20th... more »

Harold D. Schuster

Harold D. Schuster was an American editor and film director. In 1937 he made Wings of the... more »

Harold F. Kress

Harold F. Kress was a film editor and film director. more »

Harold Gordon

Harold Gordon was an actor. more »

Harold Hayes Jr.

Harold Hayes Jr. is a film editor and a screenwriter. more »

Harold Jackson III

Harold Jackson III is a cinematographer, film director and editor. more »

Harold Landau

Harold Landau is a film editor. more »

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