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'Sooz' Owen

'Sooz' Owen appeared in the 2003 film Stuck on You. more »

'Trader Fred' Mascolo

'Trader Fred' Mascolo appeared in the 2003 film Stuck on You. more »

2 Tuff Tony

Tony Borcherding, better known by his ring name 2 Tuff Tony, is an American professional... more »

Àgata Roca

Àgata Roca is an actress. more »

Ángeles Maeso

Angeles Maeso is an actress. more »


Miodrag Petrović, best known for his stage name Čkalja, was a Serbian actor who was one the most... more »

Éliane Gagnon

Éliane Gagnon is an actress. more »

Élodie Delage

Élodie Delage is a pornographic actress. more »

Ève Francis

Ève Francis was an actress and film-maker. She was born in Belgium but spent most of her career... more »

Éveline Gélinas

Éveline Gélinas is a French-speaking Canadian actress who grew up in Saint-Boniface, Quebec,... more »

Ítala Nandi

Ítala Nandi is a Brazilian actress. She has appeared in 33 films and television shows since... more »

Ōki Sugiyama

Ōki Sugiyama is a voice actor. more »

Óskar Redondo

Óskar Redondo is an actor. more »

Öztürk Serengil

Öztürk Serengil was a Turkish actor and comedian. He is mostly known as one of the most famous... more »

Ülkü Duru

Ülkü Duru is an actress. more »

Úrsula Murayama

Úrsula Murayama is a telenovela actress, who was born in 1972. She currently lives in Spain. more »

Úrsula Prats

Úrsula Prats is a Mexican actress. She is the best known for playing Jacqueline Moncada de Lerdo... more »

Žarko Potočnjak

Žarko Potočnjak is a Croatian theatre, television and film actor. Potočnjak graduated from the... more »

Željko Lučić

Željko Lučić is a Serbian operatic baritone who has had an active international career since... more »

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