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Clay French

Clay French is an American mixed martial artist who fought on Pride Fighting Championships,... more »

Clayton Hickman

Clayton James Hickman is a British scriptwriter, magazine editor, journalist and designer. more »

Cleeve Beelart

Cleeve Beelart appeared in the Ryan Capes: My Way to the Record documentary film. more »

Clem Coleman

Clem Coleman appeared in the film The Last Generation. more »

Clem Harvey

Clem Harvey was a twentieth-century film actor. He played one of the Eleven in the original... more »

Clemece Wong

Clemece Wong is an actor. more »

Clément Brun

Clément Brun is an actor. more »

Clementine Mellor

Clementine Mellor é uma atriz australiano. Seu primeiro papel nos cinemas foi com a personagem... more »

Cleo Dorcas

Cleo Dorcas is an actor. more »

Cleo Louise Borden

Cleo Louise Borden performed in the film A Woman Commands. more »

Cliff Coleman

Cliff Coleman is a film producer. more »

Clifford C. Coleman

Clifford C. Coleman made appearance in the 1990 film Rocky V. more »

Clifford Kawada

Clifford Kawada is an actor. more »

Clifford Ray Sam

Clifford Ray Sam appeared in the 1961 film The Exiles. more »

Clint Ewell

Clint Ewell appeared in the True Fans documentary film. more »

Clinton Atkinson

Clinton Atkinson was a 16th-century British pirate, active in the 1580s in the sea surrounding... more »

Clio Goldsmith

Clio Goldsmith is a French former actress, appearing mostly as a Femme fatale in some films of... more »


Clovis appeared in the 1996 film Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco. more »


Clyde played Marley in Marley and Me. His trainer name is Mathilde Decagny. more »

Clyde E. Hopkins

Clyde E. Hopkins is an actor. more »

Clyde Paquin

Clyde Paquin is an actor. more »

Clyde Willson

Clyde Willson in Omaha, Nebraska, is an American former child actor, now a retired biochemist... more »

Cobus Rossouw

Cobus Rossouw is a film actor. more »

Cockroach Bob

Cockroach Bob appeared on the 1989 film The Return of Swamp Thing. more »

Codename Dankesu

Codename Dankesu appeared in the 2012 documentary film The Young Man Was, Part 1: United Red Army. more »

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