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Carol Abras

Caroline Abras is a Brazilian actress. more »

Carol Adams

Carol Adams, was an American actress and dancer whose career began as a child in 1923. At age... more »

Carol Alleman

Carol Alleman appeared in the 2011 film Return to the Hiding Place. more »

Carol Anne Seflinger

Carol Anne Seflinger is an actress. more »

Carol Bawer

Carol Bawer has acted in the 1990 film Betsy's Wedding. more »

Carol DiMarsico

Carol DiMarsico is an actress. more »

Carol Kaufman

Carol Kaufman appeared in the 2003 film Grand Theft Parsons. more »

Carol Kentish

Carol Kentish is an actress. more »

Carol Myers

Carol Myers appeared in the 2011 documentary film Becoming Santa. more »

Carol Robinson-Alexander

Carol Robinson-Alexander appeared in the documentary film Missing. more »

Carola McGuinness

Carola McGuinness is an actress. more »

Carole De Saram

Carole De Saram has appeared in the 2006 film Borat and 2008 film Wetlands Preserved. more »

Carole Huitorel

Carole Huitorel appeared in the french film The Bailiff. more »

Carole Lebel

Carole Lebel is an actress. more »

Carole Mallory

Carole Mallory, born 1942, is an American author, actress, former model, teacher and critic who... more »

Carolina Benvenga

Carolina Victoria Benvenga is an Italian actress and television presenter. Her prominent work to... more »

Carolina Rosi

Carolina Rosi is an actress. more »

Caroline Amiguet

Caroline Amiguet is an actress, writer and producer. She was born in Paris, France and grew up... more »

Caroline Brien

Caroline Brien is a film crew member in the 2013 film Jappeloup. more »

Caroline Cooper

Caroline Cooper is a film producer. more »

Caroline Langford

Caroline Langford is an actress. more »

Caroline Laval

Caroline Laval appeared in 2005 drama film le filmeur. more »

Caroline Loncq

Caroline Loncq is an actress. more »

Caroline Mawer

Caroline Mawer is an actress. more »

Caroline Portelance

Caroline Portelance is an actress and the wife of ice-hockey player Vincent Lecavalier. more »

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