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D. D. Dabke

D. D. Dabke or Dattatraya Damodar Dabke was an actor in the first ever Indian full length silent... more »

D. Snoop

D. Snoop is an actor and film director. more »

D.J. Hazard

DJ Hazard is an American writer, actor, musician and standup comedian. more »

D.L. Walker

D.L. Walker is an actor. more »

D.T. Devendra

D.T. Devendra is the narrator of the 1962 film In the Steps of Buddha. more »

Da Hui-a

Da Hui-a performed in the 1912 film Madame Aema 6. more »

Dablio Moreira

Dablio Moreira is an actor and singer. more »

Dady Brieva

Dady Brieva is a film actor. more »

Dae-Sung Choi

Dae-Sung Choi is an actor. more »

Dae-un Baek

Dae-un Baek appeared in the Girlfriends film. more »

Dafna Armoni

Dafna Armoni is an Israeli actress. more »

Dagmar Dahlgren

Dagmar Dahlgren was a dancer, singer and motion picture actress of the silent film era from Los... more »

Dagmar Edwards

Dagmar Edwards is a Slovakian actress. more »

Dagny Servaes

Dagny Servaes was a German-Austrian stage and film actress. In the theatre she appeared in the... more »

Dai Yangtian

Dai Xiangyu, previously known as Dai Yangtian, is a Chinese actor and model based in Singapore. more »

Daisy Cordell

Daisy Cordell was a British actress of the silent era. more »

Daisy Granados

Daisy Granados is a Cuban film actress. She has appeared in more than 35 films since 1964. At... more »

Daizy Blu

Daizy Blu appeared in the 2011 documentary film Crazy Horse. more »

Dale Crabtree

Dale Crabtree appeared in the 2010 film Under the Boardwalk: The Monopoly Story. more »

Dale Meador

Dale Meador is an actor. more »

Dale Swann

William Dale Swann was an American character actor known for his numerous roles in television,... more »

Dale Velzy

Dale Velzy was an American surfboard shaper, credited with being the world's first commercial... more »

Dalia Davi

Dalia Davi is an actress. more »

Dalia Íñiguez

Dalia Íñiguez was an actress. more »

Daliborka Stojsic

Daliborka Stojsic is an actress. more »

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