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G. Srinivasan

G. Srinivasan was a film producer who founded the independent production company Madras Talkies,... more »

G.I. Punwani

G.I. Punwani appeared in the film Monica. more »

Gabe Mercado

Gabe Mercado is an actor. more »

Gabi Ford

Gabi Ford is a voice actress. more »

Gabina Cordero

Gabina Cordero appeared in the 2002 film State Property. more »

Gabor Karalyos

Gabor Karalyos is an actor. more »

Gabriel Andrews

Gabriel Andrews is an Australian television, film and stage actor. He is best known for the... more »

Gabriel August Gjønnes

Gabriel August Gjønnes is a film actor. more »

Gabriel Cattand

Gabriel Cattand was a French actor. He appeared in 108 films and television shows between 1950... more »

Gabriel Echoles

Gabriel Echoles appeared in the Ten9Eight: Shoot for the Moon documentary film. more »

Gabriel Gabrio

Gabriel Gabrio was a French stage and film actor whose career began in cinema in the silent film... more »

Gabriel Gutierrez

Gabriel Gutierrez is an actor. more »

Gabriel Johnson

Gabriel Johnson is a film actor. more »

Gabriel Kaufmann

Gabriel Kaufmann is a child actor. more »

Gabriel Meyer

Gabriel Meyer is a film producer. more »

Gabriel Romero

Gabriel Romero is an actor best known for his ground-breaking role as Fernandito, the first... more »

Gabriela Groppa

Gabriela Groppa is an actress. more »

Gabriela Rivero

Gabriela Rivero Abaroa, better known as Gaby Rivero, is an actress and singer. Best remembered... more »

Gabriela Schmoll

Gabriela Schmoll is an actress. more »

Gabriele Testas

Gabriele Testas is an actor. more »

Gabrielle Bell

Gabrielle Bell is a film actress. more »

Gabrielle Brune

Gabrielle Brune was a British actress. more »

Gabrielle Colonna-Romano

Gabrielle Colonna-Romano or Colanna Romano, born Gabrielle Dreyfus, was a French actress, famous... more »

Gabrielle Popa

Gabrielle Popa is a film actress. more »

Gabrielle Robinne

Gabrielle Anna Charlotte Robinne was French a stage and film actress whose career spanned over... more »

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