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L. A. Calkins

Leslie Anne Calkins is an American actress. Calkins is best known for her role as Leatherface's... more »

L. Dean Ifill

L. Dean Ifill is a Canadian actor, director, producer and voiceover artist. He played Basil... more »

L.E. Kemp

L.E. Kemp is an actor. more »

La Norma

La Norma is an aerialist. more »

La Sista

La Sista is one of few female reggaeton artists. From Loíza, Puerto Rico, several members of her... more »

Laada Singh

Laada Singh appeared in the film Woman from the East. more »


Lacee is an actress. more »

Ladan Mostofi

Ladan Mostofi is an award winning Iranian actress. She won the Best Actress Award at the third... more »

Ladan Moussavi

Ladan Moussavi is a film actress. more »

Ladislav Boháč

Ladislav Boháč was a Czechoslovak film actor. He appeared in over 45 films between 1933 and 1977. more »

Ladislav H. Struna

Ladislav H. Struna was an actor. more »

Ladislav Potmesil

Ladislav Potmesil is an actor. more »

Lady Arlene Kieta

Lady Arlene Kieta appeared in the Beyond Baklava: The Fairy Tale Story of Sylvia's Baklava... more »

Laetitia López

Laetitia Lopez is an actress. more »

Laëtitia Pujol

Laetitia Pujol is a French ballet dancer. She joined the Paris Opera Ballet in 1993, becoming a... more »

LaFonda Baker

LaFonda Baker is an actress. more »

Laia Alemany

Laia Alemany is an actress. more »

Laila Ayad

Laila Ayad is a film actress. more »

Laine Megaw

Laine Megaw is an actress. more »

Lainy Scott

Lainy Scott is an actress. more »

Laken James Spurlock

Laken James Spurlock is the son of Morgan Spurlock and Alexandra Jamieson. more »

Lakis Komninos

Lakis Komninos is an actor. more »

Lale Yavaş

Lale Yavaş is a Swiss and Turkish actress. more »

Lali Chowdhury

Lali Chowdhury is an actress. more »

Lalida Sujjavasin

Lalida Sujjavasin is a film producer. more »

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