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Ugo Conti

Ugo Conti is an actor. more »

Uhten Sririwi

Uhten Sririwi is a film actor. more »

Ülkü Duru

Ülkü Duru is an actress. more »

Ulla Jessen

Ulla Jessen is a Danish actress who has appeared in numerous films in her native Denmark as well... more »

Ulrich Hopmann

Ulrich Hopmann appeared in the 1965 film Not Reconciled. more »

Ulrich von Thüna

Ulrich von Thüna appeared in the 1965 film Not Reconciled. more »

Ulrik Cold

Ulrik Thesrup Cold was a Danish operatic bass. In 1963 he made his professional opera debut at... more »

Uma Shankar Mishra

Uma Shankar Mishra appeared in the film Abhishapt. more »

Umberto Autore Jr.

Umberto Autore Jr. is a voice actor. more »

Umberto Di Grazia

Umberto Di Grazia is an actor. more »

Uno Kanda

神田 うのは日本の女優・タレント、ファッション・デザイナー。芸能事務所スペースクラフト所属。 more »

Uno Kawase

Uno Kawase appeared in the 1992 documentary film Embracing. more »

Urho Somersalmi

Urho Somersalmi was a Finnish actor. He worked in the Finnish National Theatre from 1908 to... more »

Ursula Dirichs

Ursula Dirichs is a German actress born in Recklinghausen in 1935. more »

Ursula Karusseit

Ursula Karusseit appeared in the Enemy of the State documentary film. more »

Úrsula Murayama

Úrsula Murayama is a telenovela actress, who was born in 1972. She currently lives in Spain. more »

Ursula Pearson

Ursula Pearson Bellah was a German-born, American actress, author, and businesswoman, most... more »

Úrsula Prats

Úrsula Prats is a Mexican actress. She is the best known for playing Jacqueline Moncada de Lerdo... more »

Urszula Modrzyńska

Urszula Modrzyńska was a Polish stage and film actress. Modrzyńska began her career on stage in... more »

Usha Khan

Usha Khan is an actress. more »

Ushasie Chakraborty

Ushasie Chakraborty is a Bengali film actress. She played the role of Satyabati in Anjan Dutt's... more »

Uwamungu Cornelis

Uwamungu Cornelis appeared in the 2011 film Bullhead. more »

Uwe Preuss

Uwe Preuss is an actor. more »

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