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Valérie Mayoux

Valérie Mayoux is a film editor. more »

Valerie Red-Horse

Valerie Red-Horse is an American Indian actress and author of claimed Cherokee/Sioux heritage... more »

Valerie White

Valerie White was an actress. more »

Valerio Bartoleschi

Valerio Bartoleschi is an actor. more »

Valle Acebrón

Valle Acebrón is a voice actress. more »

Valli Valli

Valli Valli, born Valli Knust, was a musical comedy actress and silent film performer born in... more »

Van Brooks

Van Brooks is an actor. more »

Van Brown

Van Brown is an actor more »

Vanda Correia

Vanda Correia appeared in the film Quero Ser Uma Estrela. more »

Vaneshran Arumugam

Vaneshran Arumugam is an actor. more »

Vanessa Chidsey

Vanessa Chidsey was an actress. more »

Vanessa Kay

Vanessa Kay is an American model and actress of Mexican and Irish descent. She is known as one... more »

Vanessa Michaels

Vanessa Michaels is an actress. more »

Vanessa Robledo

Vanessa Robledo appeared in the documentary film Harvest. more »

Vanessa Tibbs

Vanessa Tibbs is an actress. more »

Vanni Corbellini

Vanni Corbellini is an actor. more »

Varduhi Varderesyan

Varduhi Varderesyan born 19 March 1928, in Bucharest, Romania is an Armenian actress. She... more »

Varg Holmdahl

Varg Holmdahl appeared in the 2012 film She Male Snails. more »

Varvara Massalitinova

Varvara Osipovna Massalitinova was a Russian and Soviet theatre and film actress. She began... more »

Vasile Serban

Vasile Serban is an actor in the 1997 film The Crazy Stranger. more »

Vassilis Zochos

Vassilis Zochos is the narrator in the 1961 Documentary film Aegean Tragedy. more »

Veda Rakesh

Veda Rakesh appeared in the film Monica. more »

Vedran Mlikota

Vedran Mlikota is an actor. more »

Velia Martínez

Velia Martínez was a well known actress, singer and former nightclub dancer. Martínez was born... more »


Ventura is an actor. more »

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