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Vera Cornish

Vera Cornish was a British stage and film actress. more »

Vera James

Vera James was a New Zealand born actor who worked in theatre and film. She moved to Australia... more »

Vera Kholodnaya

Vera Vasilyevna Kholodnaya was the first star of Russian silent cinema. Only five of her films... more »

Véra Korène

Véra Korène, was a Russian-born French actress and singer. Born Rébecca Véra Korestzky in Russia... more »

Vera Lopes

Vera Lopes is an actress. more »

Vera Markovna Orlova

Vera Markovna Orlova was a Soviet Russian actress. She graduated from the Moscow theatrical... more »

Vera Pawlowa

Vera Pawlowa is an actress. more »

Vera Sotnikova

Vera Mikhailovna Sotnikova is a Soviet theatre, television and movie actress. She graduated from... more »

Vera Voronina

Vera Voronina was a Russian actress. She was born in Kiev, then part of the Russian Empire, but... more »

Verena Zimmermann

Verena Zimmermann is an actress. more »

Verkina Flower

Verkina Flower is an actress and costume designer. more »

Vern Harper

Vern Harper is a Canadian First Nations Cree Elder, medicine man, and Aboriginal rights... more »

Vernie Bennett

Vernett "Vernie" Bennett is an English singer. She is a founding member of R&B girl group... more »

Vernon Downing

Vernon Downing was a British actor who appeared in many Hollywood films, generally playing... more »

Vernon Greeves

Vernon Greeves was an actor. more »

Vernon Macgoughan

Vernon Macgoughan is an Actor. more »

Verónica Breia Filipe

Verónica Breia Filipe is the daughter of Márcia Breia. more »

Veronica C. Combs

Veronica C. Combs appeared in the 2010 film The Amazing Mr. Excellent. more »

Veronica F. Nichols

Veronica F. Nichols is a film producer. more »

Veronica Lang

Veronica Lang is an actress. more »

Verónica Llinás

Verónica Llinás is an actress. more »

Verónica Pelaccini

Verónica Pelaccini is an actress. more »

Veronica Russell

Veronica Russell is a film actress. more »

Veronika Bayer

Veronika Bayer was a German actress. more »

Veronique Beaudet

Veronique Beaudet is an actor. more »

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