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Veronique de Pandelaere

Veronique de Pandelaere is an actor. more »

Véronique Genest

Véronique Genest is a French actress. She was born Véronique Combouilhaud in Meaux,... more »

Véronique Silver

Véronique Silver was a French actress. She was born in Amiens. more »

Veslemøy Haslund

Veslemøy Haslund was a Norwegian actress and stage producer. She was born in Oslo. She made her... more »

Vesna Stefanovich-Gruppman

Vesna Stefanovich-Gruppman is a violin and viola professor at the Rotterdam Conservatory, a... more »

Vesper Almasy

Vesper Almasy is an actress. more »

Vi Lê

Vi Lê is a background actress. more »

Via Veloso

Via Veloso is a risque actress that stars in the film Animal (2004). more »

Vic Grassman

Vic Grassman appeared in the documentary film As Goes Janesville. more »

Vic McGee

Vic McGee is an actor. more »

Vicente Escudero

Vicente Escudero was a Spanish flamenco dancer. He was closely associated with the of his time... more »

Vicente Parra

Vicente Parra was a Spanish actor. more »

Vicento Llauca Trejo

Vicento Llauca Trejo is an actor. more »

Vicki Vola

Victoria Vola was an actress who used Vicki Vola as her professional name. She was best known... more »

Vicky Bendre

Vicky Bendre is a film actor. more »

Vicky Hall

Vicky Hall is an English actress. She was born in Newcastle in the United Kingdom. Best known... more »

Vicky Palacios

Vicky Palacios. Actress, Singer, Dancer, Model and Producer. A native of Alvarado Veracruz,... more »

Victor Agard

Victor Agard acted in the 2007 film Hit for Six. more »

Víctor Alcocer

Víctor Alcocer Gómez was a Mexican actor of voice-over, film, and television. He dubbed many... more »

Victor Camara

Víctor Manuel Cámara Parejo is a Venezuelan telenovela and cinema actor. more »

Victor Cavallo

Victor Cavallo was an Italian actor. He started his acting career on stage in 1974, in cinema... more »

Víctor Covarrubias

Víctor Covarrubias is a Voice Actor. more »

Victor Eadie

Victor Eadie is a film actor. more »

Victor Eze

Victor Eze is an actor. more »

Victor Huang

Victor Huang Wei-de is a Taiwanese actor and singer. more »

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