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Victor Hugo Ogaz

Víctor Hugo Ogaz is an actor. more »

Victor Ken

Victor Ken is an actor. more »

Victor Matta

Victor Matta was a narrator in the 2011 documentary film. more »

Victor Rakov

Victor Rakov is an actor. more »


Victoria appeared in the Giving Thanks short film. more »

Victoria Drake

Victoria Drake is a film actress. more »

Victoria Hill

Victoria Hill is an Australian actress, writer and producer. She is the daughter of the... more »

Victoria Lepori

Victoria Lepori is an actress. more »

Victoria Medlin

Victoria Medlin is the stepdaughter of the American producer Barry Levinson. more »

Victoria Onetto

Victoria Onetto is an Argentine actress who worked in many soap operas and films. Appeared on... more »

Vida Juvan

Vida Juvan was a Slovenian actress who won the Prešeren Award in 1971. In the United States she... more »

Vidar Sandem

Vidar Sandem is a Norwegian actor, playwright and theatre director. He made his stage debut at... more »


Videoarmsidea appeared in the My Sexuality Is An Art Creation documentary film. more »

Vidya Bhushan

Vidya Bhushan appeared in the film Crossroads. more »

Vidya Malgunde

Vidya Malgunde is an actor. more »

Viggo Lindstrøm

Viggo Lindstrøm was a Danish actor and theatre director, founder of Det Ny Teater in Copenhagen... more »

Viggo Wiehe

Viggo Hjalmar Wiehe was a Danish stage and film actor whose career spanned over five decades. more »

Vijay Nopany

Vijay Nopany is a film producer. more »

Vijay Pagare

Vijay Pagare is an actor. more »

Vijay Pandey

Vijay Pandey is a film actor. more »

Vijay Shetty

Vijay Shetty is a film actor. more »

Vijaya Kumari

Vijaya Kumari is a film actor. more »

Vijaya Nandasiri

Vijaya Nandasiri is a Sri Lankan dramatist and actor. He has had a varied career beginning in... more »


Vijaykumar is a film actor. more »

Vikas Srivastav

Vikas Srivastav is an actor. more »

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