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Violet Collins

Violet Collins is the daughter of Steve Collins. more »

Violet Hopson

Violet Hopson was an Australian-born British actress born in Port Augusta, South Australia,... more »

Violet Wilkey

Violet Wilkey was an American child actor who appeared in films over a four-year period during... more »

Violeta Urtizberea

Violeta Urtizberea is a film actress. more »

Virginia Baeta

Virginia Baeta is an actress. more »

Virginia de la Cruz

Virginia de la Cruz was an Argentine actress. She starred in the 1950 film Arroz con leche under... more »

Virginia Dillon

Virginia Dillon is an actor. more »

Virginia Manzano

Virginia Manzano was an actor. more »

Virginia McCollam

Virginia McCollam appeared in the 1994 film Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles. more »

Virginia Simeon

Virginia Simeon is an actress. more »

Virginie Thévenet

Virginie Thévenet is a French actress, director and screenwriter born on January 12, 1957 in Paris. more »

Visnja Babic

Visnja Babic is an actor. more »

Vítor Mendes

Vítor Mendes was an actor. more »

Vitus Zeplichal

Vitus Zeplichal is an actor. more »

Vivek Deshmukh

Vivek Deshmukh is a film actor. more »

Vjacheslay Telnov

Vjacheslay Telnov is a film producer. more »

Vladan Cvetkovic

Vladan Cvetkovic is an actor. more »

Vladan Zivkovic

Vladan Zivkovic is an actor. more »

Vladimir Druzhnikov

Vladimir Druzhnikov was a Soviet actor. He appeared in 45 films between 1945 and 1992. more »

Vladimir Grachyov

Vladimir 'Volodya' Grachyov is a Russian actor. His only known movie role is that of the... more »

Vladimir Kashpur

Vladimir Terentyevich Kashpur was a Russian and Soviet actor. A native of Altai Krai, Kashpur... more »

Vladimir Kucherenko

Vladimir Kucherenko is an actor. more »

Vladimir Letenkov

Vladimir Letenkov is an actor. more »

Vladimír Šmeral

Vladimír Šmeral was a Czech actor. He starred in the 1969/1970 film Witchhammer under director... more »

Vladimir Tatosov

Vladimir Tatosov is an actor. more »

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