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Yolanda Vidal

Yolanda Vidal is a Voice Actress. more »

Yolanda Villa

Yolanda Villa is an actress. more »

Yolande Bavan

Yolande Bavan is a singer and actress. She toured Australia and Asia as a performer with Graeme... more »

Yong-ho Kim

Yong-ho Kim is a photographer. more »

Yoo Ha-na

Yoo Ha-na is a South Korean actress. She has starred alongside Jimmy Lin in the Taiwanese TV... more »

Yoo Seong

Yoo Seong is an actor. more »

Yoo Yeon-Sil

Yoo Yeon-Sil is a singer. more »

Yoo-Jung Bae

Yoo-Jung Bae is an actress. more »

Yoon Ji-won

Yoon Ji-won performed in the 1990 film Madame Aema 4. more »

Yori Gómez

Yori Gómez is an actor. more »

Yoriko Haraguchi

Yoriko Haraguchi is an actress. more »

Yosef Abu Wardeh

Yousef Abu Wardeh is an actor. more »

Yoshie Minami

Yoshie Minami was an actress. more »

Yoshifumi Tajima

Yoshifumi Tajima was an actor in Japanese Kaijū films, best known for his role as Kumayama in... more »

Yoshihiro Kato

Yoshihiro Kato was an actor. more »

Yoshika Maedomari

Yoshika Maedomari is a professional wrestler. more »

Yoshiko Shinohara

Yoshiko Shinohara is an actress. more »

Yoshio Inoue

Yoshio Inoue is an actor. more »

Yossi Graber

Yossi Graber is an actor. more »

Youk the Bear

Youk is a bear which appeared in the 1988 film The Bear. more »

Young-Kyu Choi

Young-Kyu Choi is an actor. more »

Young-yu Lee

Young-yu Lee is an actor. more »

Youssef Sahwani

Youssef Sahwani is a film actor. more »

Yu In-chon

Yu In-chon is a South Korean actor and the current Minister of Ministry of Culture and Tourism... more »

Yu So-chow

Yu So Chow is a Chinese actress born in Beijing on July 9, 1930 to a Peking opera family. She is... more »

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