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Craig Carlisle

Craig Carlisle is an actor and film director. more »

Craig Carter

Craig Carter is a film editor and a screenwriter. more »

Craig Chivers

Craig Chivers is a cinematographer and film director. more »

Craig Clyde

Craig Clyde is an American actor, screenplay writer, and film director. He lives in Salt Lake... more »

Craig David Wallace

Craig David Wallace is a Canadian television director, writer and producer. He was the... more »

Craig DiBona

Craig DiBona is a film director and cinematographer. more »

Craig Elrod

Craig Elrod is a film director. more »

Craig F. Watkins

Craig F. Watkins is a film director, editor, producer, screenwriter and actor. more »

Craig Ferguson

Craig Ferguson is a Scottish-born American television host, stand-up comedian, writer, actor,... more »

Craig Frank

Craig Frank is a film director and voice actor. more »

Craig Freimond

Craig Freimond is a screenwriter and film director. more »

Craig Gilbert

Craig Gilbert is a film producer, director, editor and screenwriter. more »

Craig Gillespie

Craig Gillespie is an Australian film director, best known for his films Lars and the Real Girl... more »

Craig Goodwill

Craig Goodwill’s career as a writer/director in film and television has been filled with... more »

Craig Handley

Craig Gareth Handley is a Welsh film writer, producer and director. more »

Craig Highberger

Craig Highberger is a film director, producer, screenwriter, cinematographer and editor. more »

Craig Hornby

Craig Hornby is a film director, screenwriter, cinematographer and film producer. more »

Craig Hutchinson

Craig Hutchinson was an American director and screenwriter. He directed 81 films between 1915... more »

Craig Jackson

Craig Jackson is a film producer. more »

Craig Johnson

Craig Johnson is a film director and screenwriter. more »

Craig Knitt

Craig Knitt is a film producer, editor and a cinematographer. more »

Craig Lahiff

Craig Lahiff is a film director, producer and a screenwriter. more »

Craig Leathers

Craig Leathers was a longtime director and producer of World Championship Wrestling telecasts... more »

Craig Lew

Craig Lew is a film director, screenwriter and film producer. more »

Craig Macneill

Craig Macneill is a film director, writer, editor and producer. more »

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