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Irish Braschi

Irish Braschi is a film director and screenwriter. more »

Irit Reinheimer

Irit Reinheimer is a film director, film art director and production designer. more »

Iriz Pääbo

Iriz Pääbo is a film director, screenwriter, and score composer. more »

Irma Achten

Irma Achten is a Dutch film maker and writer. more »

Irma Raush

Irma Yakovlevna Raush is a Russian actress and the first wife of film director Andrei Tarkovsky... more »

Irmgard von zur Mühlen

Irmgard von zur Mühlen is a film director and screenwriter more »

Irodotos Kaplantzis

Irodotos Kaplantzis is a film director. more »

Irshaad Butler

Irshaad Butler is a film director. more »


Irshad is a film director and screenwriter. more »

Irshad Ashraf

Irshad Ashraf is a British documentary film maker with a reputation for making stylish, visually... more »

Irson Pedro Barbosa Junior

Irson Pedro Barbosa Junior directed the film The Fox and the Eagle. more »

Irv Drasnin

Irv Drasnin is a film and television producer, director and screenwriter. more »

Irvin Berwick

Irvin Berwick was a film director, a film producer, and a screenwriter. more »

Irvin C. Miller

Irvin C. Miller was an actor, screenwriter, writer, playwright, film and theatrical director,... more »

Irvin Kershner

Irvin Kershner was an American film director and occasional actor, best known for directing... more »

Irvin Willat

Irvin Willat was an American film director of the silent film era. He directed 39 films between... more »

Irvin Yeaworth

Irvin Shortess "Shorty" Yeaworth, Jr. was a German-born American film director, producer,... more »

Irvine Allan

Irvine Allan is an actor and film director. more »

Irving Allen

Irving Allen was a theatrical and cinematic producer and director. He won an Academy Award in... more »

Irving Belateche

Irving Belateche is a screenwriter and film director. more »

Irving Brecher

Irving Brecher was a screenwriter who wrote for the Marx Brothers; he was the only writer to get... more »

Irving Cummings

Irving Camisky was an American movie actor, director, producer and writer. more »

Irving Jacoby

Irving Jacoby was a film producer, film director and screenwriter. more »

Irving Klaw

Irving Klaw was an American photographer and filmmaker. Klaw is best known for operating a... more »

Irving Lerner

Irving Lerner was an American filmmaker. Before becoming a filmmaker, Lerner was a research... more »

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