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Ivan G. Anderson

Ivan G. Anderson is an actor. more »

Ivan Garcia

Ivan Garcia is a screenwriter. more »

Ivan Goldschmidt

Ivan Goldschmidt is a film director of fiction and advertising films, film editor, film... more »

Ivan Govar

Ivan Govar was a film director, screenwriter and a film producer. more »

Iván Granovsky

Iván Granovsky is a film director, screenwriter and film producer. more »

Ivan Grbovic

Ivan Grbovic is a film director and cinematographer. more »

Ivan Guerrero

Ivan Guerrero, also known as the pseudonymous "whoiseyevan", is a filmmaker who has gained cult... more »

Ivan Heng

Ivan Heng is a Peranakan- -Hokkien-Chinese-Singaporean stage actor and director. He is the... more »

Ivan Hurzeler

Ivan Hurzeler is a film director and film editor. more »

Ivan Ivanov-Vano

Ivan Ivanov-Vano was a film director and writer. more »

Iván Kapitány

Iván Kapitány is a film producer, television producer, cinematographer, screenwriter, film... more »

Ivan Kavanagh

Ivan Kavanagh is an Irish filmmaker who has written, directed and edited five features and ten... more »

Ivan Král

Ivan Král is a Grammy Award-winning, Czech-born American composer, filmmaker, record producer... more »

Ivan Ladislav Galeta

Ivan Ladislav Galeta was a Croatian multimedia artist, cinematographer and film director. more »

Ivan Lai

Ivan Lai is a film director. more »

Ivan Martinac

Ivan Martinac is a film director, film editor and screenwriter. more »

Ivan Mathias Petersson

Ivan Mathias Gunnar Petersson is a Swedish actor, film director, author and screenwriter. He is... more »

Ivan Maximov

Ivan Leonidovich Maximov is an artist, professional animator and director. more »

Ivan Mazza

Ivan Mazza is a film director and screenwriter. more »

Ivan Mirko Senjanovic

Ivan Mirko Senjanovic is a film director. more »

Ivan Mitov

Ivan Mitov is a film director. more »

Iván Mora Manzano

Iván Mora Manzano is a cinematographer, film editor, film director and screenwriter. more »

Iván Morales

Iván Morales is an actor, screenwriter and film director. more »

Ivan Morales Jr.

Ivan Morales Jr. is a Brazilian film editor and film maker. more »

Ivan Mozzhukhin

Ivan Ilyich Mozzhukhin, usually billed using the French transliteration Ivan Mosjoukine, was a... more »

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