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Ignacio Castillo Cottin

Ignacio Castillo Cottin is a film director, film producer and screenwriter. more »

Ignacio Chaneton

Ignacio Chaneton is a film director, producer, editor and screenwriter. more »

Ignacio F. Iquino

Ignacio F. Iquino, also credited as John Wood, Steve MacCohy, Prada-Iquino, Steve McCoy, Steve... more »

Ignacio Ferreras

Ignacio Ferreras is a film director, animator and screenwriter. more »

Ignacio Ruiz

Ignacio Ruiz is a film director and screenwriter. more »

Ignacy Gogolewski

Ignacy Gogolewski is a Polish film actor. He has appeared in more than 30 films since 1953. more »

Ignas Jonynas

Ignas Jonynas was a Lithuanian diplomat, historian, and university professor. As a diplomat he... more »

Ignas Miskinis

Ignas Miskinis is a film director and screenwriter. more »

Ignatius Jones

Ignatius Jones is an Australian events director, journalist, actor and previously fronted the... more »

Ignazio Balsamo

Ignazio Balsamo was an actor. more »

Ignazio Dolce

Ignazio Dolce is an actor and film director. more »

Ignazio Ferronetti

Ignazio Ferronetti was a film editor and film director. more »

Igor Aleinikov

Igor Aleinikov was a screenwriter, film director and film actor. more »

Igor Alimpiev

Igor Alimpiev is a film director. more »

Igor Apasyan

Igor Apasyan is a film director and writer. more »

Igor Auzins

Igor Auzins is a television producer and a film and television director. more »

Igor Cobileanski

Igor Cobileanski is a film director, screenwriter and actor. more »

Igor Drljaca

Igor Drljaca is a screenwriter, film editor, film director and film producer. more »

Igor Grinyakin

Igor Grinyakin is a cinematographer. more »

Igor Ilyinsky

Igor Vladimirovich Ilyinsky was a famous Russian film and stage actor, director and comedian. more »

Igor Ivanov Izy

Igor Ivanov studied philosophy and began his film career in 1993, when he started directing... more »

Igor Kalyonov

Igor Kalyonov is a film producer. more »

Igor Kovalyov

Igor Kovalyov is a film and television director, an animator and a screenwriter. more »

Igor Kyulyumov

Igor Kyulyumov is a film director and actor. more »

Igor Lazin

Igor Lazin is a film director. more »

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