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Yair Raveh

Yair Raveh is a screenwriter, film director and a teacher. more »

Yakikoto Higuchi

Yakikoto Higuchi is a film director. more »

Yakima Canutt

Yakima Canutt, also known as Yak Canutt, was an American rodeo rider, actor, stuntman and action... more »

Yakov Bentsvi

Yakov Bentsvi is a film producer. more »

Yakov Bliokh

Yakov Bliokh is a film director and producer. more »

Yakov Kirsh

Yakov Kirsh is a film director. more »

Yakov Levi

Yakov Levi is a Ukrainian independent filmmaker. He has reached semi-international fame with the... more »

Yakov Protazanov

Yakov Alexandrovich Protazanov was a Russian and Soviet film director and screenwriter, and one... more »

Yakov Segel

Yakov Segel was a film director, screenwriter, writer and an actor. more »

Yakub Hasan Rizvi

Yakub Hasan Rizvi is a film director. more »

Yaky Yosha

Yaky Yosha is an international critically acclaimed, award-winning film director from Israel,... more »

Yalcin Yelence

Yalcin Yelence is a director and screenwriter. more »

Yale Strom

Yale Strom is a pioneer among klezmer revivalists in conducting extensive field research in... more »

Yam Laranas

William Laranas is a Filipino director and cinematographer. more »

Yamasaki Juichiro

Yamasaki Juichiro is a film director, screenwriter and editor. more »

Yamazaki Tatsuji

Yamazaki Tatsuji is a film producer. more »

Yamina Bachir

Yamina Bachir is an Algerian film director and screenwriter. Her film Rachida was screened in... more »

Yamina Benguigui

Yamina Benguigui is a French film director and politician of Algerian descent. She is known for... more »

Yan Ding Xian

Yan Ding Xian is a film director. more »

Yan England

Yan England is an actor. more »

Yan Giroux

Yan Giroux is a film director, film editor, screenwriter and film producer. more »

Yan Senjaya

Yan Senjaya is a film producer, director and screenwriter. more »

Yan Shunkai

Yan Shunkai is a Chinese comedian, actor and film director. Yan enrolled in the Central Academy... more »

Yan Yan Mak

Yan Yan Mak is a Hong Kong based female award-winning director. She was born in the 1970s and... more »

Yan Yee Lee

Yan Yee Lee is a film director. more »

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