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Gai Toms

Gareth 'Gai' J Thomas 'Toms' is a Welsh singer-songwriter, music artist and producer. In 1992 he... more »

George Cromarty

George Cromarty was an American folk guitarist and singer. He is best known as the co-writer,... more »

Geraint Jarman

Geraint Jarman is a Welsh musician, poet, and television producer whose career dates back to the... more »

Gerry Leonard

Gerry Leonard is a musician. more »

Gil Turner

Gil Turner was an American folk singer-songwriter, magazine editor, Shakespearean actor,... more »

Giovanna Marini

Giovanna Marini, anagraphically Giovanna Salviucci in Marini, is an Italian singer-songwriter... more »

Glen Soderholm

Glen Soderholm is a Canadian, singer-songwriter, minister, praise and worship leader, speaker... more »

Gordon Bok

Gordon Bok is a folklorist and singer/songwriter who grew up in Camden, Maine. more »

Greg Brown

Greg Brown is an American folk musician from Iowa. more »