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Abbas Maigue

Maigue Abbas is a Chadian football defender, the member of Chad national football team where he... more »

Abbas Merdasi

Abbas Merdasi is an Iranian footballer who plays for Sanat Naft in the Iran Pro League. more »

Abbas Mohamed Djallal Aïssaoui

Abbas Mohamed Djallal Aïssaoui is an Algerian football player who is currently playing as a... more »

Abbas Mohammadrezaei

Abbas Mohammadrezaei is an Iranian footballer who plays for Foolad in the Iranian Premier League... more »

Abbas Pourkhosravani

Abbas Pourkhosravani is an Iranian footballer who currently plays for Padideh Shandiz in... more »

Abbas Qarib

Abbas Qarib born 1916 in Tehran, Iran and died on September 16, 2009 was the last surviving... more »

Abbas Razavi

Abbas Razavi is a retired Iranian Footballer and one of the most experienced football coaches in... more »

Abbas Rehema

Abbas Hussein Rehema Al-Mutairi is an Iraqi footballer who plays as a midfielder for Al Shorta... more »

Abbey Dhaira

Abbey Dhaira is a Ugandan footballer who plays for ÍBV Vestmannæyjar. more »

Abbos Abdulloyev

Abbos Abdulloyev is an Uzbekistani footballer. He was a member of Regar-TadAZ Tursunzoda squad... more »

Abby Allan

Abby Allan is a former association football player who represented New Zealand at international... more »

Abby Erceg

Abby Erceg is a professional New Zealander footballer who is a member of the New Zealand women's... more »

Abby Wambach

Mary Abigail "Abby" Wambach is an American professional soccer player, coach, two-time Olympic... more »

Abchir Houssein

Abchir Houssein is a Djiboutian footballer who plays for Djibouti national football team. more »

Abd Al Naser Hasan

Abd Al Naser Hasan is a Syrian footballer who plays for Al-Nejmeh in Lebanon. more »

Abdalla Juma

Abdalla Juma is a Kenyan football player who currently plays for Sofapaka F.C. more »

Abdallah Bah

Abdallah Bah is a retired Guinean footballer. He played as a goalkeeper. During his professional... more »

Abdallah Masudi

Abdallah Masudi is a Burundian football player. more »

Abdallah Mohamed

Abdallah Mohamed is a Djiboutian footballer . more »

Abdallah Nahimana

Abdallah Nahimana is a Burundian football player who currently plays for the Burundi national... more »

Abdallah Ragab

Abdallah Ragab is a defensive midfielder for Egyptian Premier League team Telephonat Bani... more »

Abdallah Said

Abdallah Said is an Egyptian footballer. He currently plays for Al-Ahly S.C. in the Egyptian... more »

Abdallah Shahat

Abdallah Shahat is an Egyptian football player who plays as a Midfielder. He currently plays for... more »

Abdallah Sharif

Abdallah Sharif is a Libyan footballer. He currently plays for Libyan Premier League club Madina... more »

Abdallah Tazi

Abdallah Tazi is a Moroccan footballer who played for Morocco in the 1972 Summer Olympics and... more »

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