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Ashley Vickers

Ashley James Ward Vickers is an English former football player and now current manager of Wessex... more »

Ashley Ward

Ashley Ward is an English retired footballer. He was a centre forward. more »

Ashley Westwood

Ashley Michael Westwood is an English former footballer who is currently the head coach of... more »

Ashley Williams

Ashley Errol Williams is a footballer who plays for Swansea City and the Wales national team as... more »

Ashley-Paul Robinson

Ashley-Paul Emmanuel Robinson is an English footballer who currently plays for Hastings United ... more »

Ashraf Bait Taysir

Ashraf Eid Bait Taysir commonly known as Ashraf Taysir is an Omani footballer who last played... more »

Ashraf Kasem

Ashraf Kassem Raman Arabic: أشرف قاسم‎ is a retired Egyptian football player. Kasem played as a... more »

Asi Domb

Asi Domb is a retired Israeli footballer. more »

Asier del Horno

Asier del Horno Cosgaya is a Spanish retired footballer who played as a left defender. After... more »

Asier Riesgo

Asier Riesgo Unamuno is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for CA Osasuna as a goalkeeper. more »

Asim Vokshi

Asim Vokshi was a staff officer of the "Garibaldi Battalion" in the International Brigades... more »

Asmir Begović

Asmir Begović is a Bosnian footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Premier League club Stoke... more »

Asmir Ikanović

Asmir Ikanović is a former Bosnia and Herzegovina association footballer. He played for the... more »

Assad Abdul Ghani

Assad Abdul Ghanee is a Maldivian international footballer. more »

Assani Lukimya-Mulongoti

Assani Lukimya-Mulongoti is a Congolese-German football player who plays for SV Werder Bremen as... more »

Assis Giovanaz

Assis Giovanaz is a football player. more »

Assuério Barbosa De Sousa

Assuéiro Barbosa De Sousa is a football player. more »

Atanas Nikolov

Atanas Nikolov is a Bulgarian footballer who plays as a forward. On 15 March 2012, Nikolov... more »

Atdhe Nuhiu

Atdhe Nuhiu is an Austrian footballer of Albanian descent who currently plays for Sheffield... more »

Athirson Mazolli e Oliveira

Athirson Mazolli e Oliveira, or simply Athirson is a former Brazilian footballer who played as... more »

Atik Chihab

Atik Chihab is a Moroccan footballer. He usually plays as defender. Chihab is currently attached... more »

Atilio López

Higinio Atilio López Riveros is a retired football striker and coach from Paraguay. more »

Atilla Yildirim

Atilla Yildirim is a Dutch professional footballer who plays for Turkish club Bucaspor on loan... more »

Atınç Nukan

Atınç Nukan is a Turkish professional footballer. He currently plays as a centre back for... more »

Atle Roar Håland

Atle Roar Håland is a retired Norwegian football centreback. more »