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Kiril Pandov

Kiril Pandov was a Bulgarian football player. Pandov was a left midfielder. Born in Varna, he... more »

Kiril Rakarov

Kiril Manolov Rakarov was a former Bulgarian football player. He represented Bulgaria at the... more »

Kirill Nababkin

Kirill Anatolyevich Nababkin is a Russian international football player who plays for Russian... more »

Kirill Pogrebnyak

Kirill Viktorovich Pogrebnyak is a Russian football striker who currently plays for Tom Tomsk... more »

Kirk Hilton

Kirk Hilton is an English footballer. more »

Kirk Stephens

Kirk William Stephens, is an English former football player, best known for his time at Luton... more »

Kit Symons

Christopher "Kit" Symons is a former Wales international footballer who is currently an Academy... more »

Kjartan Finnbogason

Kjartan Henry Finnbogason is an Iceland international football player currently playing for KR... more »

Kjartan Sturluson

Kjartan Sturluson is a retired Icelandic international football goalkeeper. more »

Kjeld Thorst

Kjeld Thorst is a Danish former association football player and manager. During his club career... more »

Kjell Alseth

Kjell Alseth is a Norwegian Football referee. He represents Stjørdals/Blink. Alseth debuted as... more »

Kjell Kaspersen

Kjell Kaspersen is a former footballer from Norway. For many years he was goalkeeper for Skeid... more »

Kjell Olofsson

Kjell Olofsson is a Swedish footballer. more »

Kjell Roar Kaasa

Kjell Roar Kaasa is a retired Norwegian football striker. Kaasa's many clubs include Drangedal,... more »

Kjell Rune Sellin

Kjell Rune Sellin is a Norwegian footballer currently playing for Sandefjord. He came to... more »

Kjell Sture Jensen

Kjell Sture Jensen is a Norwegian football coach and former player. Hailing from Minde in... more »

Kjetil Nilsen

Kjetil Nilsen is a Norwegian football midfielder. He started his career in Langhus IL; and later... more »

Kjetil Norland

Kjetil Norland is a retired Norwegian football striker. He got one Norwegian Premier League game... more »

Kjetil Osvold

Kjetil Osvold is a retired Norwegian footballer. Between 1984 and 1989 he scored 2 goals in 37... more »

Kjetil Rekdal

Kjetil André Rekdal is a Norwegian football manager and a former footballer who has been head... more »

Kjetil Ruthford Pedersen

Kjetil Ruthford Pedersen is an earlier Norwegian footballer playing for FK Mandalskameratene. He... more »

Kjetil Wæhler

Kjetil Wæhler is a Norwegian footballer. He plays as centre back for IFK Göteborg in... more »

Klaas de Boer

Klaas de Boer is a retired U.S. soccer player and coach. He played professionally in the... more »

Klaas Smit

Klaas Smit was a Dutch football player. He scored the very first goal in professional football... more »

Klaas-Jan Huntelaar

Dirk Klaas Jan "Klaas-Jan" Huntelaar, nicknamed The Hunter, is a Dutch footballer who plays as a... more »

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