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Valdemar Kendzior

Valdemar Kendzior was a Danish amateur football player of Polish descent, who played for... more »

Valdemar Laursen

Valdemar Kristian Laursen, known simply as Valdemar Laursen, was a Danish amateur football... more »

Valdemaras Martinkėnas

Valdemaras Martinkėnas was a Soviet and Lithuanian professional footballer and coach. Born in... more »

Valdir Joaquim de Moraes

Valdir Joaquim de Moraes is a former Brazilian football player at the position of goalkeeper. He... more »

Valdis Pultraks

Valdis Pultraks was a Latvian football goalkeeper, one of the most known Latvian footballers of... more »

Valdomiro Vaz Franco

Valdomiro Vaz Franco, better known as Valdomiro, is a former Brazilian footballer who played as... more »

Valentin Afonin

Valentin Ivanovich Afonin is a former Soviet football player. more »

Valentin Badea

Valentin Vasile Badea is a Romanian football player. He plays as a striker. He is under contract... more »

Valentin Borş

Valentin Borş is a Romanian football player, currently under contract with Concordia Chiajna. more »

Valentin Bubukin

Valentin Borisovich Bubukin was a Soviet/Russian footballer. more »

Valentin Cosmin Lipitor

Valentin Cosmin Lipitor is a Romanian footballer. He plays as goalkeeper. He is a free agent. more »

Valentin Filatov

Valentin Vladimirovich Filatov is a Russian footballer who plays for FC Tosno. His parents died... more »

Valentin Galev

Valentin Galev is a Bulgarian footballer currently playing for Lokomotiv Sofia as a goalkeeper. more »

Valentin Gjokaj

Valentin Gjokaj is an Albanian football defender playing for English Football League... more »

Valentin Iliev

Valentin Iliev is a Bulgarian footballer who plays for CSKA Sofia as a centre back. more »

Valentin Ivakin

Valentin Gavrilovich Ivakin was a Soviet football goalkeeper and manager. more »

Valentin Kozmich Ivanov

Valentin Kozmich Ivanov was a football winger/striker, co-leading scorer at the 1962 World Cup... more »

Valentin Lemnaru

Valentin Lemnaru is a Romanian football striker. He currently plays for Pandurii Târgu Jiu. more »

Valentin Miculescu

Valentin Miculescu is a Romanian footballer who last played for FCM Reşiţa in the Romanian Liga II. more »

Valentin Mihov

Valentin Mihov is a former Bulgarian football player and administrator. He is a former president... more »

Valentin Năstase

Vasile Valentin Năstase is a Romanian football player who plays as a defender. He is a free agent. more »

Valentin Nikolayev

Valentin Aleksandrovich Nikolayev was a Soviet football player and coach. more »

Valentin Simion

Valentin Alexandru Simion is a Romanian football player, under contract with Concordia... more »

Valentin Stănescu

Valentin Stănescu Was the manager of the football team Rapid Bucureşti. more »

Valentin Vasilyevich Sysoyev

Valentin Vasilyevich Sysoyev was a Russian football player. more »

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