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Gor Oganesyan

Gor Samvelovich Oganesyan is a Russian football forward, who plays for FC Banants. He made his... more »

Goran Bošković

Goran Bošković is a Montenegrin former football player. After playing in the Yugoslav First... more »

Goran Dasović

Goran Dasović is a Croatian retired football player. Born in Brčko, SR Bosnia and Herzegovina,... more »

Goran Gutalj

Goran Gutalj is a retired Bosnian Serb professional footballer. He played in Slovenian league... more »

Goran Jerković

Goran Jerković is a French football player of Serbian origin who plays for Army United in the... more »

Goran Karanović

Goran Karanović is a Swiss football forward playing for FC St. Gallen in the Swiss Super League. more »

Goran Marić

Goran Marić Govorcin is a Serbian professional footballer who plays for Lombard-Pápa TFC in... more »

Göran Marklund

Göran Mattias Marklund is a retired Swedish footballer and coach who is currently assistant... more »

Goran Markov

Goran Markov is a Macedonian football coach and a former player. He currently manages the third... more »

Goran Pantovic

Goran Pantovic is a basketball player. more »

Goran Slavkovski

Goran Slavkovski is a Macedonian–Swedish footballer who is currently playing for KSF Makedonija... more »

Goran Stankovski

Goran Stankovski is a Macedonian football striker who plays for FK Shkupi in the Third... more »

Goran Stojiljković

Goran Stojiljković is a Serbian retired footballer who played as a forward. more »

Gorazd Hiti

Gorazd Hiti is a retired Slovenian professional ice hockey player. more »

Gorazd Zajc

Gorazd Zajc is an Slovenian footballer, who plays for A.C. Siena . more »

Gordon Bartlett

Gordon Bartlett is a former professional footballer who played as a forward. In 1975, he played... more »

Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown is an English former footballer who played as an inside forward. Brown made over... more »

Gordon Burness

Gordon Burness was a Scottish-Canadian-U.S. soccer wing forward who earned a cap with both the... more »

Gordon Connelly

Gordon Connelly in Glasgow, Scotland, is a retired Scottish professional footballer who played... more »

Gordon Fearnley

Gordon Fearnley is a retired English association football player who spent time in the Football... more »

Gordon Hobson

Gordon Hobson is a retired English footballer who played as a forward, spending most of his... more »

Gordon Smith

Gordon Smith is a former football player who represented New Zealand at international... more »

Gordon Staniforth

Gordon Staniforth is an English football coach and former player. He played in the Football... more »

Gordon Turner

Gordon Reginald Turner was an English footballer, who was best known as a Luton Town centre... more »

Gordon Wallace

Gordon Wallace is a Scottish former footballer, who played for Liverpool during the... more »

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