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Luis Estrada

Luis Estrada is a Mexican former footballer who competed in the 1968 Summer Olympics. more »

Luis Fabio Gomes

Luís Fábio Gomes is Brazilian football player. more »

Luis Fernando Mosquera

Luis Fernando Mosquera Alomia is a Colombian footballer who plays attacking midfielder for... more »

Luís Fernando Rodrigues dos Santos

Luís Fernando Rodrigues dos Santos known as his given name Luís Fernando is a Brazilian... more »

Luis Gonzalez

Luis Gonzalez is an American soccer player who last played for Los Angeles Blues in USL... more »

Luis Hernán Álvarez

Luis Hernán Álvarez was a Chilean footballer who played in clubs in Chile and El Salvador. He... more »

Luis Izzeta

Luis Luca Izzeta is an Argentinian football forward who played for Argentina in the 1934 FIFA... more »

Luís Lourenço

Luís Carlos Lourenço da Silva, known as Lourenço, is a Portuguese footballer who plays as a forward. more »

Luis Machado

Luis Enrique Machado Mora is a Uruguayan footballer who plays for El Tanque Sisley and the... more »

Luis Marín Sabater

Luis Marín Sabater was a Spanish-Basque football player of the 1930s and 1940s. A native of the... more »

Luís Mário Miranda da Silva

Luís Mário Miranda da Silva or simply Luís Mário, is a Brazilian striker. more »

Luís Matoso

Luis Macedo Matoso, also Luis Marcelo Matozzo, known as Feitiço was an association football... more »

Luis Mayanés

Luis Lindorfo Mayanés Contreras is a Chilean football forward who played for Chile in the 1950... more »

Luis Miguel Escalada

Luis Miguel Escalada is an Argentine soccer player. more »

Luis Miguel Loro

Luis Miguel Loro Santiago, commonly known as Luismi, is a Spanish professional footballer who... more »

Luis Montano

Luis Montano is a Colombian former footballer who competed in the 1972 Summer Olympics. more »

Luís Norton de Matos

Luís Maria Cabral Norton de Matos is a Portuguese retired footballer who played as a forward,... more »

Luis Oruezábal

Luis Oruezábal is an Argentine former footballer. more »

Luís Pablo Álves Fernandez

Luís Fernandez is a former Lebanese-Brazilian footballer. more »

Luis Pérez

Luis Pérez González was a Mexican football forward who made two appearances for the Mexican... more »

Luis Pérez

Luis Hernán Pérez Ramírez is a Chilean former footballer. more »

Luis Pérez Pascual

Luis Pérez Pascual, known as Luis Pérez, is a Spanish retired footballer who played as a forward. more »

Luís Pinto

Luís Filipe Santos Pinto is a Portuguese professional footballer who plays for G.D. Chaves as a... more »

Luis Ravaschino

Luis Alfonso Ravaschino was an Argentine footballer, who played as forward, most of his career... more »

Luis Reyes

Luis Alberto Reyes Nuñez is a retired Honduran football player who is currently the fourth... more »

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