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Aaron Allston

Aaron Allston is an American game designer and novelist of many science fiction books, notably... more »

Adam Powell

Adam James Powell is a game designer and businessman. He is the co-founder of Neopets and Meteor... more »

Al Lowe

Al Lowe is an American video game designer, programmer, and musician who developed several... more »

Alan R. Moon

Alan R. Moon is an author of board games, born in Southampton, England, and currently living in... more »

Albert Lamorisse

Albert Lamorisse was a French filmmaker, film producer, and writer, who is best known for his... more »

Alex Randolph

Alexander Randolph was a designer of board games. Randolph's game creations include TwixT,... more »

Alfred Mosher Butts

Alfred Mosher Butts was an American architect, famous for inventing the board game Scrabble in 1938. more »

Allan B. Calhamer

Allan Brian Calhamer was an American mail carrier who invented the board game Diplomacy. more »

Allen Varney

Allen Varney is an American writer and game designer. Varney has produced numerous books,... more »

American McGee

American James McGee is an American game designer. He is perhaps best known as the designer of... more »

Andreas Seyfarth

Andreas Seyfarth is a German-style board game designer, who is most famous for creating Puerto... more »

Andrew Greenberg

Andrew Greenberg is a game designer of both tabletop role-playing games and role-playing video... more »

Andrew Sega

Andrew Gregory Sega, also known as Necros, is an American musician best known for tracking... more »

Andy Looney

Andrew J. Looney, better known as Andy Looney, is an award-winning game designer and computer... more »

Anthony E. Pratt

Anthony Eustace Pratt was the inventor of the board game Cluedo. more »

Anthony Vadasz

Anthony Vadasz is the designer of the board game Switch 16. more »

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