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B. Clark Burchfiel

Burrell Clark Burchfiel is an American structural geologist. Born in Stockton, California, he... more »

Barry Voight

Barry Voight was a volcanologist and geology professor. more »

Barthélemy Faujas de Saint-Fond

Barthélemy Faujas de Saint-Fond, French geologist and traveller, was born at Montélimar. He was... more »

Bartolomeo Gastaldi

Bartolomeo Gastaldi was an Italian geologist and palæontologist, and one the founders of the... more »

Bela Hubbard

Bela Hubbard was a 19th-century naturalist, geologist, writer, historian, surveyor, explorer,... more »

Belsazar Hacquet

Belsazar de la Motte Hacquet, was an Austrian physician of French descent in the Enlightenment... more »

Ben Peach

Benjamin Neeve Peach, FRS was a British geologist. He was born at Gorran Haven in Cornwall to... more »

Benjamin Franklin Mudge

Benjamin Franklin Mudge was an American lawyer, geologist and teacher. Briefly the mayor of... more »

Benjamin Kendall Emerson

Benjamin Kendall Emerson was an American geologist and author. more »

Benjamin Smith Lyman

Benjamin Smith Lyman was an American mining engineer, surveyor and amateur linguist and... more »

Benny Begin

Ze'ev Binyamin "Benny" Begin, is an Israeli geologist and politician. A former member of the... more »

Bente Nyland

Bente Nyland is a Norwegian geologist. She is Director General of the Norwegian Petroleum... more »

Berend George Escher

Berend George Escher was a Dutch geologist. Escher had a broad interest, but his research was... more »

Bernard Palissy

Bernard Palissy was a French Huguenot potter, hydraulics engineer and craftsman, famous for... more »

Bernard Wood

Bernard John Wood FRS is a British geologist, and Research Professor, at Oxford University. He... more »

Bernhard Edmaier

Bernhard Edmaier is a German geologist, photographer and author of geoscientific books. He is... more »

Bernhard Studer

Bernhard Studer, Swiss geologist, was born at Büren, near Bern. Although educated as a... more »

Bernhard von Cotta

Carl Bernhard von Cotta, known as Bernhard von Cotta, was a German geologist. He was born in a... more »

Bertram Boltwood

Bertram Borden Boltwood was an American pioneer of radiochemistry. He graduated from Yale... more »

Bill Mathews

William Henry Mathews was a Canadian geologist, volcanologist, engineer, and professor. He is... more »

Bob White

Robert White is Professor of Geophysics in the Earth Sciences department at Cambridge University... more »

Boris Sergeyevich Sokolov

Boris Sergeyevich Sokolov was a Russian geologist and paleontologist. Sokolov authored reference... more »

Brent Dalrymple

G. Brent Dalrymple is an American geologist, author of The Age of the Earth and Ancient Earth,... more »

Brian Atwater

Brian Franklin Atwater is a geologist who works for the United States Geological Survey and is... more »

Brian Boston

Brian Boston is a geologist. more »

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