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C A Hackett

Early geologist working in India in the 1880's. more »

C. E. A. Wichmann

Carl Ernst Arthur Wichmann was a German geologist and mineralogist. He was professor in geology... more »

Carl E. Grunsky

Carl Ewald Grunsky was a geologist and civil engineer throughout the mid 19th century. In 1896... more »

Carl Friedrich Heinrich Credner

Carl Friedrich Heinrich Credner was a German geologist. more »

Carl Friedrich Schmidt

Carl Friedrich Schmidt was Baltic German geologist and botanist in Russian Empire. He is... more »

Carl Ludolf Greisbach

Carl Griesbach was born and educated in Vienna, and died at the age of 60 in Graz. Despite his... more »

Carl Reichenbach

Baron Dr. Carl Ludwig von Reichenbach was a notable chemist, geologist, metallurgist,... more »

Carl Süssmilch

Adolph Carl von de Heyde Süssmilch, also known as Adolph Carl Süssmilch, was an Australian... more »

Cecil Madigan

Cecil Thomas Madigan was an Australian explorer and geologist born in Renmark, South... more »

Celâl Şengör

Ali Mehmet Celâl Şengör is a Turkish geologist. He is currently on the faculty at Istanbul... more »

Cesare Emiliani

Cesare Emiliani was an Italian-American scientist, considered one of the greatest geologists and... more »

Charles Alfred Matley

Charles Alfred Matley was a British paleontologist and geologist in India, the British West... more »

Charles Andrew Cotton

Sir Charles Andrew Cotton KBE was a New Zealand geologist and geomorphologist. Cotton attended... more »

Charles Baker Adams

Charles Baker Adams was an American educator and naturalist. more »

Charles Barrois

Charles Barrois ForMemRS was a French geologist and palaeontologist. Barrois was born at Lille... more »

Charles C. Bradley

Charles C. Bradley was a professor in geology at the Montana State College. He received his... more »

Charles Chewings

Charles Chewings was an Australian geologist and anthropologist. more »

Charles Darwin

Charles Robert Darwin, FRS was an English naturalist. He established that all species of life... more »

Charles Daubeny

Charles Giles Bridle Daubeny was an English chemist, botanist and geologist. Daubeny was born at... more »

Charles David Curtis

Charles David Curtis is a British geologist who has served as President of the Geological... more »

Charles Depéret

Charles Jean Julien Depéret was a French geologist and paleontologist. He was a member of the... more »

Charles E. Fipke

Charles Edgar Fipke is a prospector who discovered the existence of diamonds around Lac de Gras... more »

Charles Frederick Hartt

Charles Frederick Hartt was a Canadian-American geologist, paleontologist and naturalist who... more »

Charles G. Groat

Charles G. "Chip" Groat is an American geologist. He is a professional in the earth science... more »

Charles Henry Hitchcock

Charles Henry Hitchcock was an American geologist. more »

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