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Hanns Bruno Geinitz

Hanns Bruno Geinitz was a German geologist, born at Altenburg, the capital of Saxe-Altenburg. He... more »

Hans Cloos

Hans Cloos was a prominent German structural geologist. Born in Magdeburg, Germany, Hans Cloos... more »

Hans Georg Stehlin

Hans Georg Stehlin was a Swiss paleontologist and geologist. He specialized himself on... more »

Hans Henrik Reusch

Hans Henrik Reusch was a Norwegian geologist. Born in Bergen, he was educated in Christiania,... more »

Hans Merensky

Hans Merensky was a German South African geologist, prospector, scientist, conservationist and... more »

Hans Ramberg

Hans Ramberg was a Norwegian-Swedish geologist. The mineral rambergite was named after him. more »

Hans Stille

Hans Wilhelm Stille was an influential German geologist working primarily on tectonics and the... more »

Harold Masursky

Harold Masursky was an American geologist and astronomer. He started his career working for the... more »

Harold Wellman

Harold William Wellman was a New Zealand geologist known for his work on plate tectonics. He is... more »

Harold Williams

Harold Williams M.Sc Ph.D FRSC was one of the premier field geologists in the history of... more »

Haroun Tazieff

Haroun Tazieff was a French volcanologist and geologist. He was a famous cinematographer of... more »

Harrison Schmitt

Harrison Hagan "Jack" Schmitt is an American geologist, retired NASA astronaut, university... more »

Harry Fielding Reid

Harry Fielding Reid was an American geophysicist. He was notable for his contributions to... more »

Harry Glicken

Harry Glicken was an American volcanologist. He was killed on June 3, 1991 by a pyroclastic flow... more »

Harry Hammond Hess

Harry Hammond Hess was a geologist and United States Navy officer in World War II. Considered... more »

Harry Rosenbusch

Heinrich/Harry Rosenbusch, Karl Heinrich/Harry Rosenbusch, or H. F. Rosenbusch was a German... more »

Harry Woodward

Harry Woodward was a US ranger naturalist who, in 1938-9, first described a mathematical... more »

Hatten Yoder

Hatten Schuyler Yoder, Jr., was a geophysicist and experimental petrologist who conducted... more »

Heinrich Georg Bronn

Heinrich Georg Bronn was a German geologist and paleontologist. more »

Heinrich Girard

Heinrich Girard was a German mineralogist and geologist born in Berlin. He studied natural... more »

Heinrich Quiring

Heinrich Quiring was a German paleontologist and geologist. He was born in Haus Hüllen bei... more »

Heinrich Ries

Heinrich Ries, Ph.D. was an American economic geologist, born in Brooklyn, New York, and... more »

Heinz Ebert

Heinz Ebert was a German-Brazilian geologist, naturalist, and educator. Ebert had his basic... more »

Henno Martin

Henno Martin was a German professor of Geology who, along with Hermann Korn, lived for two years... more »

Henri Termier

Professor Henri-François-Émile Termier was a French geologist. Born at Lyon into a scholarly... more »

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