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Herbert E. Balch

Herbert Ernest Balch MA FSA was an English archaeologist, naturalist, caver and geologist who... more »

Herbert Tichy

Herbert Tichy was an Austrian author, geologist, journalist and climber. His first ascent of Cho... more »

Herman LeRoy Fairchild

Herman Le Roy Fairchild was an American educator and geologist. He was an early proponent of the... more »

Hermann Behmel

Hermann Behmel is a German geologist, paleontologist and ecological activist. more »

Hermione Cockburn

Hermione Cockburn is a British television and radio presenter specialising in scientific and... more »

Hjalmar Lundbohm

Johan Olof Hjalmar Lundbohm was a Swedish geologist and chemist and the first managing director... more »

Horace Bolingbroke Woodward

Horace Bolingbroke Woodward was a British geologist who participated in the Geological Survey of... more »

Howel Williams

Howel Williams was a noted American geologist and volcanologist. He was born of Welsh parents in... more »

Hu Gabrielse

Hubert “Hu” Gabrielse is a Canadian geologist. He devoted much of his 50+ years in geosciences... more »

Hugh Edwin Strickland

Hugh Edwin Strickland was an English geologist, ornithologist, naturalist, and... more »

Hugh Falconer

Hugh Falconer MD FRS was a Scottish geologist, botanist, palaeontologist, and... more »

Hugh Miller

Hugh Miller was a self-taught Scottish geologist and writer, folklorist and an evangelical... more »

Hugo Dummett

Hugo T. Dummett was a South African mineral-exploration geologist who is best known for his role... more »

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