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Nathaniel Gottfried Leske

Nathanael Gottfried Leske was a German natural scientist and geologist. After his studies at... more »

Nathaniel Shaler

Nathaniel Southgate Shaler was an American paleontologist and geologist who wrote extensively on... more »

Nathaniel Wetherell

Dr. Nathaniel Thomas Wetherell MRCS FGS was a British geologist and surgeon. His work involved... more »

Neil Banerjee

Neil R. Banerjee is a Canadian earth scientist researching the geologic history of the origins... more »

Neil Campbell

Neil Campbell FRSC was a famous Canadian geologist, and is a notable within the Canadian Mining... more »

Nelson Horatio Darton

Nelson Horatio Darton was a geologist who worked for the United States Geological Survey. He was... more »

Nérée Boubée

Nérée Boubée was a naturalist, entomologist, geologist, author and a professor at the University... more »

Nevil Story Maskelyne

Mervyn Herbert Nevil Story Maskelyne was an English geologist and politician. more »

Newton Horace Winchell

Newton Horace Winchell was an American geologist responsible for the six-volume The Geology of... more »

Nicholas Shackleton

Professor Sir Nicholas John Shackleton FRS was an English geologist and paleoclimatologist who... more »

Nicholas Taylor

Nicholas "Nick" William Taylor is a retired geologist, businessman and politician and former... more »

Nick McCave

Ian Nicholas McCave is a British geologist, who was the Woodwardian Professor of Geology at the... more »

Nick Schofield

Nick Schofield is an actor. more »

Nicolae Frolov

Nicolae Frolov was a Romanian geologist and agronomist from Bessarabia. He was noted for his... more »

Nicolai Ivanovich Andrusov

Nicolai Ivanovich Andrusov was a Russian geologist, stratigrapher, and palaeontologist. He was... more »

Nicolas Desmarest

Nicolas Desmarest was a French geologist and contributor to the Encyclopédie ou Dictionnaire... more »

Nicolas Steno

Nicolas Steno, was a Danish Catholic bishop and scientist and a pioneer in both anatomy and... more »

Nikolai Kudryavtsev

Nikolai Alexandrovich Kudryavtsev Russian: Николай Александрович Кудрявцев was a Soviet Russian... more »

Nikolaj Hartz

Nikolaj Eeg Kruse Hartz was a Danish geologist and botanist. He investigated plant and animal... more »

Nikolay Shatsky

Nikolay Sergeyevich Shatsky was a Soviet geologist, an expert in tectonics of ancient... more »

Noel Odell

Noel Ewart Odell was an English geologist and mountaineer. Educated at Brighton College and the... more »

Norman L. Bowen

Norman Levi Bowen FRS was born in Kingston, Ontario, Canada June 21, 1887 and died on September... more »

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