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Samuel Allport

Samuel Allport was an English petrologist. more »

Samuel Franklin Emmons

Samuel Franklin Emmons was an American Geologist. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He... more »

Samuel Haughton

Samuel Haughton was an Irish scientific writer. more »

Samuel Nowlin Reeves, Jr.

Samuel Nowlin Reeves, Jr. is a geologist and the father of actor Keanu Reeves. more »

Samuel Pickworth Woodward

Samuel Pickworth Woodward was an English geologist. A son of the geologist Samuel Woodward, S... more »

Samuel Warren Carey

Samuel Warren Carey AO was an Australian geologist who was an early advocate of the theory of... more »

Samuel Woodward

Samuel Woodward, English geologist and antiquary, was born at Norwich. He was for the most part... more »

Sarah Andrews

Sarah Andrews is an American geologist and author of twelve science-based mystery novels and... more »

Sasha Basilevsky

Sasha Basilevsky is a geologist. more »

Selwyn G. Blaylock

Selwyn Gwillym Blaylock was a part of starting the mining industry in western Canada. He was... more »

Sergey Sergeyevich Smirnov

Sergei Sergeevich Smirnov was a Russian geologist and mineralogist, academician of the Soviet... more »

Shen Kuo

Shen Kuo or Shen Gua, courtesy name Cunzhong and pseudonym Mengqi Weng, was a polymathic Chinese... more »

Sigurður Þórarinsson

Sigurður Þórarinsson was an Icelandic geologist, volcanologist, glaciologist, professor and... more »

Sir Arthur Russell, 6th Baronet

Sir Arthur Edward Ian Montagu Russell, 6th Baronet, MBE, FRS, was a British mineralogist of the... more »

Sir Charles Bunbury, 8th Baronet

Sir Charles James Fox Bunbury, 8th Baronet, FRS was an English naturalist. He was born in... more »

Sir James Hall, 4th Baronet

Sir James Hall of Dunglass, 4th Baronet FRS FRSE was a Scottish geologist and geophysicist, born... more »

Sir Lewis Leigh Fermor

Sir Lewis Leigh Fermor, OBE, FRS, was a British geologist and the first president of the Indian... more »

Sir Philip Grey Egerton, 10th Baronet

Sir Philip de Malpas Grey Egerton, 10th Baronet FRS was an English palaeontologist and... more »

Sir Richard Griffith, 1st Baronet

Sir Richard John Griffith Bt. FRS, was an Irish geologist, mining engineer and chairman of the... more »

Sonia Mary Cole

Sonia Mary Cole was a British geologist, archaeologist, anthropologist and author. more »

Spyros B. Pavlides

Dr. Spyros B. Pavlides is Greek geologist, professor of the Department of Geology and Physical... more »

Stanisław Staszic

Stanisław Wawrzyniec Staszic was a leading figure in the Polish Enlightenment: a Catholic... more »

Stefan Richarz

Stefan Richarz was a German priest, missionary and geologist. Richarz was born in Richrath near... more »

Stephen E. Calvert

Stephen E. "Steve" Calvert, PhD, FRSC is a Professor Emeritus at the University of British... more »

Stephen Robert Nockolds

Stephen Robert Nockolds, FRS was a geochemist, petrologist and winner of the Murchison Medal of... more »

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