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Václav Cílek

Václav Cílek is Czech geologist, climatologist, writer, philosopher, science popularizer and... more »

Väinö Auer

Väinö Auer, the son of senator Kyösti Auer, was a Finnish geologist and geographer, chiefly... more »

Valentine Ball

Valentine Ball was an Irish geologist, and a brother of Sir Robert Ball. Ball joined the... more »

Valeri Barsukov

Valeri Leonidovich Barsukov was a Soviet geochemist. He worked in comparative planetology and... more »

Vasiliy E. Ruzhentsev

Vasiliy Ermolayevich Ruzhentsev was a Russian paleontologist, malacologist and geologist. From... more »

Vasiliy Podshibyakin

Vasiliy Tihonovich Podshibyakin was a Soviet geologist and head of the trust “Yamalnefterazvedka”... more »

Victor Linetsky

Victor Pylypovych Linetsky was a Russian petroleum hydrogeologist. He criticized physical... more »

Viera Scheibner

Viera Scheibner is a retired micropaleontologist. From 1958 until 1968 she was assistant... more »

Vincent Ellis McKelvey

Vincent Ellis McKelvey was an American geologist. He was married to Genevieve Bowman McKelvey... more »

Vladimir Abazarov

Vladimir Alekseevich Abazarov – an eminent Soviet geologist. He took part in discovering of... more »

Vladimir Belousov

Vladimir Vladimirovich E. Belousov was an Earth scientist in the Soviet Union, and a prominent... more »

Vladimir Larin

Wladimir Nikolajewitsch Larin ist ein russischer Geologe. more »

Vladimir Obruchev

Vladimir Afanasyevich Obruchev was a Russian and Soviet geologist who specialized in the study... more »

Vladimir Porfiriev

Vladimir Borisovich Porfiryev, Russian: Влади́мир Бори́сович Порфи́рьев, was a Russian and... more »

Vladimir Rusanov

Vladimir Alexandrovich Rusanov was an experienced Russian geologist who specialized in the... more »

Vladimir Vernadsky

Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky was a Ukrainian and Soviet mineralogist and geochemist who is... more »

Vladimír Zoubek

Vladimír Zoubek was a Czech geologist. He won the Lomonosov Prize for his contributions to... more »

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