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Rob Carter

Rob Carter is an American professor of typography and graphic design at Virginia Commonwealth... more »

Rob Janoff

Rob Janoff is a graphic designer of corporate logos and identities, printed advertisements and... more »

Rob MacIntyre

Rob MacIntyre is a 1985 Juno Award winning graphic artist. more »

Rob Sheridan

Rob Sheridan is an American graphic designer, director, and photographer best known for his... more »

Robbie Cameron

Robbie Cameron is a designer. more »

Robert Bernard

Robert Bernard is a graphic designer. more »

Robert Brownjohn

Robert Brownjohn was an American graphic designer known for blending formal graphic design... more »

Robert Daniels

Robert Daniels is an artist and computer graphic designer. more »

Robert Frenay

Robert Frenay is an author and lecturer who describes and advocates a green or ecologically... more »

Robert Hales

Robert Hales is a graphic designer and music video director from the United Kingdom. Hales has... more »

Robert Hoffmann

Robert Hoffmann is a graphic designer. more »

Robert Hoffmann

Robert Hoffmann is an graphic designer. more »

Robert Lebeuf

Robert Lebeuf is a Juno Award nominated graphic designer. more »

Robert Morin

Robert Morin is a 1977 Juno Award nominated graphic artist. more »

Robert Rabinowitz

Robert Rabinowitz is an American illustrator and graphic designer. In 1975 created Beatlemania,... more »

Robin Santana

Robin Santana Paulino nació el 1 de octubre de 1968 en Don Gregorio, Nizao, República... more »

Robyn Kotyk

Robyn Kotyk is a Juno award winner art director and graphic designer. more »

Rodney Bowes

Rodney Bowes is a 1993 Juno Award nominated graphic designer and illustrator. more »

Rodney Greenblat

Rodney Alan Greenblat, born August 23, 1960 in San Francisco, California, is an American graphic... more »

Roger Cook

Roger Cook is an American graphic designer, photographer and artist. He was president of Cook... more »

Roger Fawcett-Tang

Roger Fawcett-Tang is a British graphic designer with a special interest in book design and... more »

Roger Wilson

Roger Wilson is an English folk singer, fiddler, guitarist, and songwriter who, he says,... more »

Roman Cieślewicz

Roman Cieślewicz was a Polish graphic artist and photographer. From 1943 to 1946 he attended the... more »

Romek Marber

Romek Marber was a freelance designer noted for his work illustrating the covers of Penguin... more »

Ron Bushy

Ron Bushy is the drummer of the rock band Iron Butterfly. He is the only member of the group to... more »

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