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Peter Noone

Peter Blair Denis Bernard Noone is an English singer-songwriter, guitarist, pianist and actor,... more »

Peter Oberg

Peter Oberg is a musician, composer, and luthier living in San Diego, California. He has been... more »

Peter Phillips

Peter Phillips is a singer and guitarist. more »

Peter Roth

Peter Roth is an Israeli singer and record producer, and a member of the Israeli rock band... more »

Peter Scherer

Peter Scherer is a film score composer. more »

Peter Solowka

Peter Solowka, born in Leeds of Ukrainian and Irish descent, was guitarist with The Wedding... more »

Peter Svensson

Anders Peter Svensson is a guitarist with the band, The Cardigans. His role in the group is as a... more »

Peter Tägtgren

Alf Peter Tägtgren is a Swedish musician, multi-instrumentalist and producer. He is the founder,... more »

Peter Theobalds

Peter Theobalds is an English born musician and artist. more »

Peter Tork

Peter Tork is an American musician and actor, best known as the keyboardist and bass guitarist... more »

Peter Weihe

Peter Weihe is a guitarist. more »

Peter Wells

Peter William "Pete" Wells was the founder and slide guitarist in Australian hard rock band Rose... more »

Peter White

Peter White is a smooth jazz and jazz fusion guitarist. He also plays the accordion and the... more »

Peter Wichers

Peter Wichers is best known as one of the founding members of Swedish melodic death metal band,... more »

Peter Yarrow

Peter Yarrow is a singer, composer and film producer. more »

Petri Kivimäki

Petri Kivimäki is the guitarist of the Finnish rock band Hay and Stone. more »

Phat J

Phat J is a singer, guitarist, bassist and keyboard player. more »

Phideaux Xavier

Phideaux Xavier is an American TV director and composer of modern technological music that he... more »

Phil "Otis" Hartley

Phil "Otis" Hartley is a bass guitar player. more »

Phil Burton

Phillip Andrew "Phil" Burton is a member of the Australian pop vocal band Human Nature with Toby... more »

Phil Campbell

Philip Anthony "Wizzö" Campbell is a Welsh musician, who has been the lead guitarist of the... more »

Phil Ceberano

Phil Ceberano is a guitarist, actor and film score composer. more »

Phil Chevron

Philip Ryan, professionally known as Philip Chevron, was an Irish singer-songwriter and... more »

Phil Collen

Philip Kenneth "Phil" Collen is the co-lead guitarist and one of the backing vocalists for... more »

Phil Cunningham

Philip "Phil" Cunningham is a British guitarist who is a member of the bands Marion, New Order... more »

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