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Shawn Harris

Shawn Harris was the lead singer and guitarist for pop punk group, The Matches. He is an artist... more »

Shawn Lane

Shawn Lane was an American musician who released two studio albums and collaborated with a... more »

Shawn McDonald

Shawn Michael McDonald is a Contemporary Christian music singer, songwriter and guitarist. more »

Shay Magro

Shay Magro is a member of the musical group Love Darling. more »

Shayley Bourget

Shayley Bourget was the former member of the band Of Mice Men. more »

Shayne Hill

Shayne Hill is a guitarist and musician. more »

Shelby Cinca

Shelby Serban-Alex Cinca is a Romania-born musician, one of the founding members of the DC... more »

Sheree Brown

Sheree Brown is a composer. more »

Sherman Robertson

Sherman Robertson is an American blues guitarist, songwriter and singer, who has been described... more »

Sherri DuPree

Sherri DuPree-Bemis is a singer-songwriter from Texas. more »

Sheryl Bailey

Sheryl Bailey is an American jazz guitarist and educator based in New York City. She has... more »

Shigeru Joshima

Shigeru Joshima is a Japanese musician and actor. He is the leader and main guitarist of Tokio,... more »

Shih Chin-hang

Stone is a member of the musical group, Mayday. and he is a singer, composer and actor. more »

Shimon Moore

Shimon Moore appeared in the 2011 film The Day. more »

Shin Jung-hyeon

Shin Jung-hyeon is a South Korean rock guitarist and singer-songwriter. Known as Korea's... more »

Shin Kawasaki

Shin Kawasaki is a singer, guitarist and music producer. more »

Shininchi Nakajima

Shininchi Nakajima is a member of the musical group Sekai No Owari. more »

Shinobu Sato

Shinobu Sato, is a Japanese classical artist. Shinobu debuted in 1988 with the tape Red... more »

Shota Yasuda

Shota Yasuda is an actor and a member of the musical group Kanjani Eight. more »

Shrikrishan Sharma

Shrikrishan Sharma is an Indian musician. He hails from a family of musicians. His initial... more »

Sigurd Wongraven

Satyr is the vocalist, lead and rhythm guitarist, bassist, and keyboardist for the Norwegian... more »

Simen Sandbæk Skari

Simen Sandbæk Skari is a guitarist. more »

Simeon Voev

Simeon Voev is a singer and guitarist. more »

Simon Austin

Simon Sean Nicholas David Austin is an Australian guitarist, songwriter, producer and sound... more »

Simon Clow

Simon Clow is a member of the musical group, State of Shock. more »

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