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Akos Sandor

Akos Sandor is a Hungarian handball player. more »

Albert Rocas

Albert Rocas Comas is a Spanish handball player. He currently plays for Danish team KIF... more »

Alberto Entrerríos

Alberto Entrerrios is a Spanish professional handball player for HBC Nantes, French team in the... more »

Aleksandar Stojanovic

Aleksandar Stojanović is a Serbian handballer. He plays as right back for Swiss team Kadetten... more »

Aleksei Dmitriyev

Aleksei Dmitriyev is an actor. more »

Alem Toskić

Alem Toskić is a Serbian handballer who plays for the Macedonian team RK Vardar and the Serbia... more »

Alen Blazevic

Alen Blazevic is a Croatian Handball Player. more »

Alen Muratović

Alen Muratović is a handball player from Montenegro. He was born in Nikšić, SR Montenegro,... more »

Alexander Petersson

Alexander Petersson is an Icelandic handball player of Latvian and Baltic German origin, who... more »

Alexandra Do Nascimento

Alexandra Priscila do Nascimento is a Brazilian female handball player. She plays for HCM Baia... more »

Alexandra Lacrabère

Alexandra Lacrabère is a French handball player, who has played for the French national team... more »

Alice Leveque

Alice Leveque is a French handball player. more »

Alix Nyokas Zalamou

Alix Nyokas is a French handball player for Chambéry Handball and the French national team. more »

Allison Pineau

Allison Pineau is a French handballer who plays for the French national team. She was voted... more »

Amanda Kurtović

Amanda Kurtović is a Norwegian handball player. She currently plays for Viborg HK, and on the... more »

Amandine Leynaud

Amandine Leynaud is a French handballer who plays for the Macedonian club ZRK Vardar and the... more »

Amélie Goudjo

Amélie Goudjo is a French handball player. She plays for the club Bera Bera and for the French... more »

Amine Bannour

Amine Bannour is a Tunisian handball player. more »

Ana Barros

Ana Patrícia da Costa Barros is an Angolan handball player. She plays for the club Petro... more »

Ana Paula Rodrigues

Ana Paula Belo is a Brazilian handball player. more »

Ana Radović

Ana Radović is a Montenegrin team handballer. She plays for the Montenegrin national team, and... more »

Ana Đokić

Ana Đokić is a Montenegrin handball player. She participated at the 2011 World Women's Handball... more »

Anders Eggert

Anders Eggert Magnussen is a Danish handball player currently playing for German side SG... more »

Anders Oechsler

Anders Oechsler is a Danish handball player who plays for the German league team GWD Minden... more »

Andrea Penezić

Andrea Penezić is a Croatian handball player. She plays for the club ZRK Vardar from Macedonia... more »

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