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Aaron Guerra

Aaron Guerra is a guitarist for the Christian metal band Tourniquet. He first learned how to... more »

Aaron Rossi

Aaron Rossi is an American drummer, most notable for his performance with industrial metal band... more »

Ace Frehley

Paul Daniel "Ace" Frehley is an American musician best known as the former lead guitarist and... more »

Adam Bomb

Adam Bomb is an American guitarist and singer who has worked with several bands. more »

Adrian White

Adrian White is a Canadian drummer. In 1994, White played drums on the first album from Devin... more »

Agnieszka Chylińska

Agnieszka Chylińska is a Polish rock singer and columnist. From 1994 to 2003, Chylińska was the... more »

Aja Kim

Aja Kim is an American female singer and songwriter. Born in Fayetteville, NC, and raised in... more »

Akira Takasaki

Akira Takasaki is the lead guitarist and founding member of the Japanese heavy metal band, Loudness. more »

Al Atkins

Alan John "Al" Atkins is an English heavy metal vocalist, perhaps best known for his association... more »

Al B. Romano

Al B. Romano, born April 23, 1965 in Yonkers, New York is a musician. At age 14 he was taught... more »

Al Pitrelli

Al Pitrelli is a guitarist, best known for his work with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Megadeth,... more »

Alberto Ardines

Alberto Ardines is a Spanish musician. He is working on a new alternative/power metal band... more »

Alberto Zamarbide

Alberto Zamarbide is a heavy metal singer known for his work with bands like V8 and Logos. more »

Aleš Brichta

Aleš Brichta is a Czech heavy metal singer. He is a founding member of Arakain, from which he... more »

Alex Scholpp

Alex Scholpp is a German guitarist born in Stuttgart, who is known above all for his activity in... more »

Alex Skolnick

Alexander Nathan Skolnick, is an American jazz and metal guitarist who heads the jazz band Alex... more »

Álvaro Jardón

Álvaro Jardón is a Spanish bassist, who played in the Power metal bands WarCry and Darna. more »

Anders Allhage

Andy LaRocque is best known as a guitarist, songwriter, and occasional synth player for the band... more »

André Corbin

André Corbin is an American heavy metal guitarist, business owner and skateboard enthusiast. more »

Andreas Blomqvist

Andreas Blomqvist is a heavy metal bassist from Stockholm, Sweden, best known for his role as... more »

Andreas Kisser

Andreas Rudolf Kisser is a Brazilian guitar player, songwriter and producer. He is most known... more »

Andrew Freeman

Andrew Freeman is a vocalist and guitarist who has played for a number of bands. Most notably... more »

Andy Sneap

Andrew Ian Sneap is an English record producer, recording engineer, mixer, guitarist, and... more »

Anthony Jude Pero

Anthony Jude Pero is the drummer of the American heavy metal band Twisted Sister. He went to St... more »

Antoine Reuben Diavola

Antoine Reuben Diavola is a musical artist. more »