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F. M. Walts

F. M. Walts was a 20th century American illustrator. He is likely the same person as Frank M... more »

Fam Ekman

Fam Ekman is a Swedish/Norwegian children's writer and illustrator. She was born in Stockholm,... more »

Federico Jordan

Federico Jordan Gomez is an editorial and advertising illustrator. His work has been published... more »

Felicia Hoshino

Felicia Hoshino is an illustrator. more »

Felipe Dávalos

Felipe Dávalos is an illustrator. more »

Félix Labisse

Félix Labisse was a French Surrealist painter, illustrator, and designer. He was born in... more »

Feodor Stepanovich Rojankovsky

Feodor Stepanovich Rojankovsky, also known as Rojan, was a Russian émigré illustrator. He is... more »

Ferry Gouw

Ferry Gouw is an Indonesian musician, illustrator and video director working in the United... more »

Florence Howell Barkley

Florence Howell Barkley (1880-1954) was an American artist more »

Floyd Cooper

Floyd Cooper is a Coretta Scott King Award winning illustrator. more »

Fortunino Matania

Chevalier Fortunino Matania was an Italian artist noted for his realistic portrayal of World War... more »

Francis Tsai

Francis Tsai is an American comic book artist, illustrator, author and conceptual artist. He is... more »

Francisco Coching

Francisco V. Coching was a Filipino comic books illustrator and writer and is regarded as one of... more »

Francisco Javier Serrano Pérez

Francisco Javier Serrano Pérez is an illustrator. more »

Franciszka Themerson

Franciszka Themerson was a Polish, later British, painter, illustrator, filmmaker and stage... more »

François Avril

François Avril is an illustrator and film director. more »

François Baranger

François Baranger is an illustrator and concept artist. more »

Frank Dobias

Frank Dobias was an illustrator of children's books. Among many other works, his illustrations... more »

Frank Kelly Freas

Frank Kelly Freas was an American science fiction and fantasy artist with a career spanning more... more »

Frank Moser

Frank Moser was an American artist, illustrator and film director who co-founded Terrytoons, the... more »

Frank R. Paul

Frank Rudolph Paul was an American illustrator of pulp magazines in the science fiction field. A... more »

Frank Xavier Leyendecker

Frank Xavier Leyendecker, also known as Frank James Leyendecker, was an American illustrator. He... more »

Franz Vohwinkel

Franz Vohwinkel is an artist whose work has appeared in role-playing games. more »

Fred Gallagher

Frederick Gallagher is an American illustrator and web cartoonist. He is best known as the... more »

Fred Gambino

Fred Gambino is an illustrator. more »

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