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John Spooner

John Spooner B.Juris, LLB is an Australian journalist and illustrator who regularly contributes... more »

John Steptoe

John Steptoe was an award-winning author and illustrator for children’s books dealing with... more »

John Tenniel

Sir John Tenniel was a British illustrator, graphic humourist and political cartoonist whose... more »

John White Alexander

John White Alexander was an American portrait, figure, and decorative painter and... more »

Jon Claytor

Jon Claytor is a Juno Award nominated illustrator. more »

Jon J. Muth

Jon J Muth is an American comic book artist and children's book illustrator, known for his... more »

Jon Klassen

Jon Klassen is a Canadian writer and illustrator of children's books and an animator. He won... more »

Jon Whitcomb

Jon Whitcomb was an American illustrator. He was well known for his pictures of glamorous young... more »

Jörg Müller

Jörg Müller is an award-winning illustrator. more »

Joris Clerté

Joris Clerté is a film director. more »

José Aruego

José Aruego is a Filipino children's book author and illustrator. He was born in Manila and once... more »

Josef Palecek

Josef Palecek is an illustrator. more »

Joseph Low

Joseph Low was an artist and children's book illustrator. He made cover illustrations for The... more »

Joseph Zucker

Joseph Zucker is an illustrator. more »

Josh Adams

Josh Adams is an American comic book and commercial artist best known for his work on House of... more »

Josh Nizzi

Josh Nizzi is a concept artist and illustrator. more »

Joshua Mikel

Joshua Mikel is an actor. more »

Jovan Ukropina

Jovan Ukropina is an illustrator. more »

Joy Allen

Joy Allen is an English actress. more »

Joyce Carol Thomas

Joyce Carol Thomas is an African-American poet, playwright, motivational speaker, and author of... more »

Jozef Wilkon

Jozef Wilkon is an illustrator. more »

Jud Haynes

Jud Haynes is a Juno Awards nominated art director, graphic designer, illustrator and musician. more »

Jules Guerin

Jules Guérin, American muralist, architectural delineator, and illustrator. more »

Julia Colt Pierson

Julia Colt Pierson Emmet was an American illustrator and painter. Julia was the daughter of... more »

Julia Gromskaya

Julia Gromskaya is an animator, illustrator and cinematographer. more »

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