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Kadir Nelson

Kadir Nelson is an award-winning African-American artist, illustrator and author. His work is... more »

Kady MacDonald Denton

Kady MacDonald Denton is a Canadian writer and illustrator of children's books. Born in... more »


Kantoku is a Japanese illustrator. He illustrated the light novel The "Hentai" Prince and the... more »

Karl Anderson

Karl Anderson (1874-1956) was an American painter and illustrator. more »

Karla Kuskin

Karla Kuskin was a prolific author, illustrator and reviewer of children's literature. Kuskin... more »

Katalin Szegedi

Katalin Szegedi is an illustrator. more »

Kate Greenaway

Catherine Greenaway, known as Kate Greenaway, was an English children's book illustrator and writer. more »

Kate Seredy

Kate Seredy was a Hungarian-born writer and illustrator of children's books. She won the Newbery... more »

Katherine Milhous

Katherine Milhous was an American artist, illustrator, and writer. She is known best as the... more »

Katsumi Komagata

Katsumi Komagata is a Japanese graphic designer. more »

Katsuya Terada

Katsuya Terada is a screenwriter and a costume designer. more »

Kay Chorao

Kay Chorao, born as Ann McKay Sproat on January 7, 1936, in Elkhart, Indiana, is an American... more »

Kay Nielsen

Kay Rasmus Nielsen was a Danish illustrator who was popular in the early 20th century, the... more »


Kazimieras G. Prapuolenis, or Kaz, is an American cartoonist and illustrator. In the 1980s,... more »

Keaton Henson

Keaton Henson is a musician and an illustrator. more »

Keiichi Tanaami

Keiichi Tanaami, born in 1936 in Tokyo, is one of the leading pop artists of postwar Japan, and... more »

Keith Michell

Keith Michell is an Australian actor, particularly noted for his television and film... more »

Keith Parkinson

Keith A. Parkinson was an American fantasy artist and illustrator known for his book covers and... more »

Kelly Asbury

Kelly Adam Asbury is an American film director, screenwriter, voice actor, published children's... more »

Ken Fallin

Ken Fallin is an American illustrator and caricaturist. His first big break was in 1983 doing... more »

Ken Reaume

Ken Reaume is an illustrator. more »

Kenichi Sonoda

Kenichi Sonoda is a mangaka and animation character designer. more »

Kenneth Frazier

Kenneth Frazier (June 14, 1867, Paris, France - 1949, Garrison, New York) was an American... more »

Kęstutis Kasparavičius

Kęstutis Kasparavičius is a Lithuanian author and book illustrator of over 60 children's books... more »

Kevin Allen

Kevin Allen is an art director, an artist, an illustrator and an author. more »

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