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Sally Gardner

Sally Gardner is an English children's writer and illustrator. She lives in London. Her... more »

Sam Kieth

Sam Kieth is an American comic book writer and illustrator, best known as the creator of The... more »

Sam Wood

Sam Wood is an artist whose work has appeared in role-playing games. more »

Sami Toivonen

Sami Toivonen is a writer and illustrator. more »

Sandor Stern

Sandor Stern is a screenwriter and illustrator. more »

Sandrine Plympton

Sandrine Plympton is an animator, artist, graphic designer and illustrator. She is also the wife... more »

Sara Fanelli

Sara Fanelli is a native-Italian British artist and illustrator, perhaps best known as a creator... more »

Satoshi Urushihara

Satoshi Urushihara is a Japanese manga artist and illustrator known for his distinctive style of... more »

Saul Mandel

Saul Mandel was an Illustrator, artist, animator and graphic designer in the advertising field... more »

Scott Roller

Scott Roller is an artist whose work has appeared in role-playing games. more »

Sean Solomon

Sean Solomon is a film director, animator, illustrator, screenwriter and musician. more »

Sebastian Kudas

Sebastian Ludwik Kudas - polish graphic artist, illustrator, and Piwnica pod Baranami’s stage... more »

Seldon Hunt

Seldon Hunt is an artist best known for his photography and his graphic artwork for rock... more »

Sergio Tofano

Sergio Tòfano was an Italian actor, director, playwright, scene designer and illustrator. Tofano... more »

Shane W. Evans

Shane W. Evans is an illustrator and writer of children's books. more »

Sharon Liu

Sharon Liu is a film director and an illustrator. more »

Shaun Tan

Shaun Tan is an Australian illustrator and author of children's books and speculative fiction... more »

Sheila Hamanaka

Sheila Hamanaka is a published author, editor, and an illustrator of children's and young adult... more »

Shepard Fairey

Frank Shepard Fairey is an American contemporary street artist, graphic designer activist and... more »

Shigeru Tamura

Shigeru Tamura is a Japanese illustrator, animator, and manga artist. His animated works have... more »

Shirley Hughes

Shirley Hughes, OBE is an English author and illustrator. She has written more than fifty books,... more »

Shoko Nakagawa

Shoko Nakagawa is a Japanese tarento, actress, voice actress, illustrator, and singer. Also... more »

Shubhendra Shankar

Shubhendra Shankar also known as Shubho Shankar was a graphic artist, musician and composer. He... more »

Signe Baumane

Signe Baumane is a film director, screenwriter, animator, fine artist and illustrator. more »

Sigrún Eldjárn

Sigrún Eldjárn is a writer and illustrator. more »

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