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Walter Torres

Walter Torres is an illustrator. more »

Walter Wilkinson

Walter Wilkinson was a puppeteer, writer and artist. According to a plaque erected in the garden... more »

Wanda Gág

Wanda Hazel Gág was an American artist, author, translator and illustrator. She is most noted... more »

Watts Phillips

Watts Phillips was a British illustrator, novelist and playwright best known for his play The... more »

Wayne Anderson

Wayne Anderson is a writer and illlustrator. more »

Wayne Barlowe

Wayne Douglas Barlowe is an American science fiction and fantasy writer and painter. He has... more »

Wayne Reynolds

Wayne Reynolds is a British artist whose work has appeared in comics and role-playing games. more »

Wayne White

Wayne White is an American artist, art director, puppeteer, set designer, animator, cartoonist... more »

Will G. Mein

Will G. Mein was a British book illustrator who flourished in the late 19th to early 20th... more »

Will H. Bradley

William H. Bradley was an American Art Nouveau illustrator and artist. Nicknamed the "Dean of... more »

Will Ruocco

Will Ruocco is a Juno Awards nominated/winning illustrator and graphic designer. more »

William "Bill" Rice

William "Bill" Rice was a prominent and regular fixture of the avant-garde art scene in the East... more »

William Donahey

William Donahey was a U.S. cartoonist and creator of The Teenie Weenies, a comic strip about... more »

William Hofmann

William Hofmann illustrated books in the late 1950s and the 1960s. more »

William Joyce

William Edward Joyce is an American author, illustrator, and filmmaker. His illustrations... more »

William Leighton Leitch

William Leighton Leitch was a master Scottish landscape watercolour painter and illustrator. He... more »

William Pars

William Pars was an English watercolour portrait and landscape painter, draughtsman and illustrator. more »

William Pène du Bois

William Pène du Bois was an American author and illustrator of books for young readers. He is... more »

William Steig

William Steig was a prolific American cartoonist, sculptor, and, late in life, an illustrator... more »

Willie Pena

Willie Pena is an actor, film director, television producer and screenwriter. more »

Wim Meuldijk

Wim Meuldijk was a Dutch writer, illustrator, and screenwriter. He is the creator of... more »

Wisit Sasanatieng

Wisit Sasanatieng is a Thai film director and screenwriter of Chinese descent. Best known for... more »

Wolf Erlbruch

Wolf Erlbruch is a German illustrator and writer of children's books. He combines various... more »

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