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Alexander Mozhaysky

Alexander Fedorovich Mozhaysky, was a Russian naval officer, aviation pioneer, researcher and... more »

Alexander Muirhead

Alexander Muirhead, FRS, born in East Saltoun, East Lothian, Scotland was an electrical engineer... more »

Alexander P. de Seversky

Alexander Nikolaievich Prokofiev de Seversky was a Russian–American aviation pioneer, inventor,... more »

Alexander Parkes

Alexander Parkes was a metallurgist and inventor from Birmingham, England. He created Parkesine,... more »

Alexander Sablukov

Alexander Alexandrovich Sablukov was a Russian Lieutenant General, engineer and inventor... more »

Alexander Stepanovich Popov

Alexander Stepanovich Popov was a Russian physicist who is acclaimed in his homeland and eastern... more »

Alexander Weygers

Alexander George Weygers, was a polymath Dutch-American artist who is best known as a sculptor,... more »

Alexander Zalmanov

Абрам Соломонович Залманов — врач, натуропат и геронтолог, предложивший скипидарные ванны для... more »

Alexandre de Fisterra

Alejandro Campos Ramírez, més conegut pel pseudònim d'Alexandre de Fisterra o Alejandro... more »

Alexandre de Rhodes

Alexandre de Rhodes, S.J. was a French Jesuit missionary and lexicographer who had a lasting... more »

Alexandru Ciurcu

Alexandru Ciurcu was a Romanian inventor and publisher, famous for his invention with Just... more »

Alexis Nihon

Alexis Louis Nihon, OBE was a Belgian-born Canadian inventor and businessman. more »

Alfred Bird

Alfred Bird was a British food manufacturer and chemist. He was born in Nympsfield,... more »

Alfred Carlton Gilbert

Alfred Carlton Gilbert was an American inventor, athlete, toy-maker and businessman. Born in... more »

Alfred E. Mann

Alfred E. Mann, also known as Al Mann, is an American entrepreneur and philanthropist. more »

Alfred Ely Beach

Alfred Ely Beach was an American inventor, publisher, and patent lawyer, born in Springfield,... more »

Alfred J. Gross

Alfred J. Gross, a.k.a. Irving J. Gross was a pioneer in mobile wireless communication. He... more »

Alfred L. Cralle

Alfred L. Cralle an African-American from Virginia, who became an inventor and businessman in... more »

Alfred Nobel

Alfred Bernhard Nobel was a Swedish chemist, engineer, innovator, and armaments manufacturer. He... more »

Alfred Theodore MacConkey

Alfred Theodore MacConkey was the British bacteriologist who developed MacConkey's agar, a... more »

Alfred Traeger

Alfred Hermann Traeger, OBE was an Australian inventor, chiefly known for the development of the... more »

Alfred Vail

Alfred Lewis Vail was an American machinist and inventor. Vail was central, with Samuel F. B... more »

Alissa E Murphy

Alissa E Murphy was a graduate student at Stanford University. more »

Allan Rockwell McCann

Vice Admiral Allan Rockwell McCann, was a United States Navy officer who served in World War I... more »

Almon Brown Strowger

Almon Brown Strowger gave his name to the electromechanical telephone exchange technology that... more »

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