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Andreas Stihl

Andreas Stihl was an engineer and important inventor in the area of chainsaws, the founder of... more »

Andrew Alford

Andrew Alford was an American electrical engineer and inventor. Born in Samara, Russia, Alford... more »

Andrew Campbell Lee

Andrew Campbell Lee was a graduate student at Stanford University. more »

Andrew Fluegelman

Andrew Cardozo Fluegelman was a publisher, photographer, programmer and attorney best known as a... more »

Andrew Freeman

Andrew Freeman, was the inventor of the electric block heater for automobiles. Freeman first... more »

Andrew Gentles

Andrew J Gentles is a Sr Research Engineer in Radiology at Stanford University. more »

Andrew Hosford

Andrew Hosford is an engineering director and was a graduate student at Stanford University. more »

Andrew Jackson Beard

Andrew Jackson Beard was an African-American inventor. He was inducted into the National... more »

Andrew L. Rozelle

Andrew Rozelle is an MD specializing in Rheumatology at Palo Alto Medical Foundation. more »

Andrew Lookingbill

Andrew Lookingbill is one of the founding engineers on Project Ground Truth at Google. more »

Andrew Pears

Andrew Pears was a farmer's son from Cornwall, born around 1770, who invented transparent soap... more »

Andrew Pipathsouk

Andrew Pipathsouk is a Mechanical Engineer at GE Healthcare. more »

Andrew S Yoo

Andrew S. Yoo is an Assistant Professor in in the Department of Developmental Biology Washington... more »

Andrew Toti

Andrew J. Toti was a world-renowned American inventor. Toti was born in Visalia, California, and... more »

Andrey Chokhov

Andrey Chokhov, also spelled Chekhov was one of the most prominent Russian casters. His... more »

Andrey Nartov

Andrey Konstantinovich Nartov was a Russian scientist, military engineer, inventor and sculptor... more »

Angel Balevski

Angel Balevski is a famous Bulgarian inventor and engineer. He graduated from a technical school... more »

Angela M Foudray

Angela M. Foudray is a member of the physics faculty at Normandale College. more »

Angelo F. Szychowski

Angelo F. Szychowski is a Biomechanical Engineering Consultant. more »

Anika Kinkhabwala

Anika Kinkhabwala was a researcher at Stanford University and is now Staff Scientist at... more »

Anja Ehrhardt

Dr. Anja Ehrhardt is a researcher employed by Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München whose area... more »

Anjali Gulati

Anjali Gulati is an Invasive Cardiologist and Founder and President, at Intuitive Medical... more »

Ann Boughton

Ann Boughton is the Owner/Designer at Imprimatur and the Creative Director at Twisted Ladder Media. more »

Ann Kiessling

Ann A. Kiessling is an American reproductive biologist and one of the leaders in human... more »

Ann Shimakawa

Ann Shimakawa is a Researcher with Global Applied Science Lab, GE Healthcare, Menlo Park, California more »

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