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B. F. Skinner

Burrhus Frederic "B. F." Skinner was an American psychologist, behaviorist, author, inventor,... more »

Baltzar von Platen

Baltzar von Platen, together with Carl Munters, was the inventor of the gas absorption... more »

Barnes Wallis

Sir Barnes Neville Wallis, CBE FRS, RDI, FRAeS, was an English scientist, engineer and inventor... more »

Barrie Gilbert

Barrie Gilbert was born in 1937 in Bournemouth, England. He is well known for his invention of... more »

Barry Hill Palmer

Barry Hill Palmer is an American aeronautical engineer, inventor, builder and pilot of the first... more »

Barthélemy Thimonnier

Barthélemy Thimonnier, was a French inventor, who invented the first sewing machine that... more »

Bartolomeo Cristofori

Bartolomeo Cristofori di Francesco was an Italian maker of musical instruments, generally... more »

Basil Hirschowitz

Basil Isaac Hirschowitz was an academic gastroenterologist from the University of Alabama at... more »

Beauchamp Tower

Beauchamp Tower was an English inventor and railway engineer who is chiefly known for his... more »

Ben Montgomery

Benjamin T. Montgomery was an influential African-American inventor, landowner, and freedman. more »

Benjamin Ari Flusberg

Benjamin Ari Flusberg was a graduate student in Applied Physics at Stanford University more »

Benjamin B. Hotchkiss

Benjamin Berkeley Hotchkiss was one of the leading American ordnance engineers of his day. more »

Benjamin Banneker

Benjamin Banneker was a free African American scientist, surveyor, almanac author and farmer... more »

Benjamin Bradley

Benjamin Bradley was born a slave in Maryland, around 1830, but became and engineer and... more »

Benjamin Chee-Keong Tee

Benjamin Chee-Keong Tee was a graduate student at Stanford University. more »

Benjamin Chew Tilghman

Benjamin Chew Tilghman was an American soldier and inventor. He is best known as the inventor of... more »

Benjamin D. Ortiz

Benjamin D. Ortiz is an Associate Professor of Biology at Hunter College. He received his Ph.D... more »

Benjamin Dearborn

Benjamin Dearborn was a printer and mechanical inventor in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and Boston,... more »

Benjamin Eisenstadt

Benjamin Eisenstadt designer of the modern sugar packets and developed Sweet'N Low. He was the... more »

Benjamin Forstner

Benjamin Forstner, was an American gunsmith, inventor and dry goods merchant. Forstner was born... more »

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin (1706 1790) was an inventor, publisher. scientist, and statesman, who is... more »

Benjamin G. Lamme

Benjamin Garver Lamme was an electrical engineer and chief engineer at Westinghouse, where he... more »

Benjamin Holt

Benjamin Leroy Holt was an American inventor who patented and manufactured the first practical... more »

Benjamin Huntsman

Benjamin Huntsman was an English inventor and manufacturer of cast or crucible steel. more »

Benjamin P Fahimian

Benjamin P Fahimian is Clinical Instructor, Radiation Oncology - Radiation Physics at Stanford... more »

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