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Carolyn Gauntlett

Carolyn Gauntlett was a postdoctoral scholar in Chemistry at Stanford University. more »

Caryl Parker Haskins

Caryl Parker Haskins was a scientist, author, inventor, philanthropist, governmental adviser and... more »

Casimir Zeglen

Kazimierz Żegleń, born in 1869 near Tarnopol, invented the first bulletproof vest. At the age of... more »

Chad Tang

Chad Tang is an MD Student with Scholarly Concentrations in Molecular Basis of Medicine at... more »

Chaim Aronson

Chaim Aronson was an inventor and memoirist. He was a Lithuanian Jew who lived during the time... more »

Charles A. McKenzie

Charles McKenzie is Associate Professor, Department of Medical Biophysics at the University of... more »

Charles A. Morris

Charles A. Morris was a Bloomfield, New Jersey engineer who owned his own dredging firm in New... more »

Charles Albert Keeley

Charles Albert Keeley was a British inventor, amateur scientist, entertainer and pioneering... more »

Charles Anthony Deane

Charles Anthony Deane was a pioneering diving engineer. Born in Deptford, Charles and his... more »

Charles Apgar

Charles Apgar, a New Jersey amateur radio operator, is known for making the earliest surviving... more »

Charles Babbage

Charles Babbage, FRS was an English polymath. He was a mathematician, philosopher, inventor and... more »

Charles Batchelor

Charles W. Batchelor was an inventor and close associate of American inventor Thomas Alva Edison... more »

Charles Bourseul

Charles Bourseul was a pioneer in development of the "make and break" telephone about 20 years... more »

Charles Brasher

Charles E Brasher was a Canadian inventor, and maker of stringed instruments. His inventions... more »

Charles Brooke

Charles Brooke FRS was an English surgeon and inventor. more »

Charles Cros

Charles Cros or Émile-Hortensius-Charles Cros was a French poet and inventor. He was born in... more »

Charles D. Schaper

Charles D. Schaper is the President and CEO of TDI, and the founder of TDI. His current job... more »

Charles Darrow

Charles Brace Darrow was an American best known as the purported inventor of the Monopoly board... more »

Charles E. Billings

Charles Ethan Billings was an American inventor. He was born in Weathersfield, Vermont, the son... more »

Charles E. Ellenberger

Charles E. Ellenberger was a researcher at Pacific Western Systems. more »

Charles E. Saunders

Sir Charles Edward Saunders, FRSC was a Canadian agronomist. He was the inventor of Marquis... more »

Charles Elmer Hires

Charles Elmer Hires was an early promoter of commercially prepared root beer. He was a Quaker... more »

Charles F. Brannock

Charles F. Brannock was the inventor and manufacturer of the familiar Brannock Device for... more »

Charles F. Brush

Charles Francis Brush was a U.S. inventor, entrepreneur and philanthropist. more »

Charles F. Kettering

Charles Franklin Kettering was an American inventor, engineer, businessman, and the holder of... more »

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