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Edward D. Newell

Edward Drumgould Newell, I, was a pioneer planter in Tensas Parish, Louisiana. The town of... more »

Edward Davy

Edward Davy was an English physician, scientist, and inventor who played a prominent role in the... more »

Edward Hibberd Johnson

Edward Hibberd Johnson was an inventor and business associate of American inventor Thomas Alva... more »

Edward Huber

Edward Huber was an American inventor and industrialist. Huber established his role in the... more »

Edward J. Hoffman

Edward Joseph Hoffman helped invent the first human PET scanner, a commonly used whole-body... more »

Edward Kleinschmidt

Edward Ernst Kleinschmidt was one of the inventors of the teleprinter, and was a prolific... more »

Edward Lee

Edward Lee was a British scientist, inventor, and civil servant. He was the builder of Britain's... more »

Edward Lyon Berthon

Edward Lyon Berthon, was an English inventor and clergyman. more »

Edward Maynard

Edward Maynard was an American firearms inventor, most famous for his breechloading rifle design. more »

Edward S. Rogers, Sr.

Edward Samuel "Ted" Rogers is regarded as the founder of Rogers Communications although it was... more »

Edward W. Kellogg

Edward W. Kellogg, born in Washington, a graduate of Phillips Academy, Andover, was the joint... more »

Edward Wilson Davis

Edward Wilson Davis was an American engineer and inventor famous for pioneering early research... more »

Edwin Beard Budding

Edwin Beard Budding, an engineer from Stroud, England, was the English inventor of the lawnmower... more »

Edwin Coubray

Edwin "Ted" Coubray was a New Zealand projectionist, film-maker and inventor. He was born in... more »

Edwin Gillette

Edwin "Ted" Gillette was a cameraman and inventor notable for the development of the Syncro-Vox... more »

Edwin H. Land

Edwin Herbert Land, ForMemRS, FRPS, Hon.MRI was an American scientist and inventor, best known... more »

Edwin Howard Armstrong

Edwin Howard Armstrong was an American electrical engineer and inventor. He has been called "the... more »

Edwin J. Houston

Edwin J. Houston was an American businessman, professor, consulting electrical engineer,... more »

Edwin R. Fellows

Edwin R. Fellows was an American inventor and entrepreneur from Torrington, Connecticut who... more »

Egon Orowan

Egon Orowan FRS was a Hungarian/British/U.S. physicist and metallurgist. more »

Eleanor Coade

Eleanor Coade was a British businesswoman known for manufacturing Neoclassical statues,... more »

Elena Kaye

Elena Kaye is a Postdoctoral Research fellow in Radiology at Stanford University. more »

Eleni Diamanti

Eleni Diamanti is Permanent researcher / Chargée de Recherche CNRS at Télécom ParisTech Network... more »

Elfar Adalsteinsson

Elfar Adalsteinsson is Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Associate Professor of... more »

Eli Whitney

Eli Whitney was an American inventor best known for inventing the cotton gin. This was one of... more »

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