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H. E. T. Haultain

Herbert Edward Terrick Haultain was a Canadian engineer and inventor. He was born in Brighton,... more »

Hakan Gürsu

Hakan Gürsu is an inventor. more »

Håkan Lans

Anders Håkan Lans is a Swedish inventor. His patented inventions are a color graphics processor... more »

Hal Needham

Hal Brett Needham is an American stuntman and film director. more »

Hang-Woo Lee

Hang Woo Lee is at Lam Research and was a graduate student at Stanford University. more »

Hans Beck

Hans Beck was the German inventor of the toy Playmobil. He is thus often called "The Father of... more »

Hans Lippershey

Hans Lippershey, also known as Johann Lippershey or Lipperhey, was a German-Dutch... more »

Hans Luedtke

Hans Luedtke was a German inventor in the field of music. more »

Hans-Peter Seidel

Hans-Peter Seidel is a computer graphics researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Computer... more »

Haraden Pratt

Haraden Pratt was a noted American electrical engineer and radio pioneer. Pratt was born in San... more »

Haren S. Gandhi

Dr. Haren S. Gandhi was an American inventor and engineer, a recipient of the U.S. National... more »

Harmeet D. Walia

Dr. Harmeet D. Walia is an American endodontist and inventor. He introduced the use of nickel... more »

Harold Beverage

Harold Henry "Bev" Beverage is perhaps most widely known today for his invention and development... more »

Harold Gatty

Harold Charles Gatty was an Australian navigator, inventor, and aviation pioneer. Charles... more »

Harold Kosoff

Harold Kosoff was an inventor. He is credited with inventing the free piston engine and the... more »

Harold Locke Hazen

Harold Locke Hazen was an American electrical engineer. He contributed to the theory of... more »

Harold P. Brown

Harold Pitney Brown was the American credited with building the original electric chair based on... more »

Harold Rhodes

Harold Burroughs Rhodes was the inventor of the Army Air Corps Piano, the Pre-piano and the... more »

Harold von Braunhut

Harold Nathan Braunhut, also known as Harold von Braunhut, was an American mail-order marketer... more »

Harriet Williams Russell Strong

Harriet Williams Russell Strong was an American social activist, inventor, Conservationist, and... more »

Harry Brearley

Harry Brearley was an English metallurgist, usually credited with the invention of "rustless steel". more »

Harry Coover

Harry Wesley Coover, Jr. was the inventor of Eastman 910, commonly known as Super Glue. more »

Harry D. Belock

Harry David Belock was an American electronics inventor, engineer and entrepreneur. more »

Harry F. Olson

Harry Ferdinand Olson was a prominent engineer at RCA Victor. more »

Harry Ferguson

Henry George "Harry" Ferguson was an Irish engineer and inventor who is noted for his role in... more »

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